Best Above Ground Pool Light (Reviews and Guides)

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Find the best above ground pool light for you from our list of best reviews. Read about why you need above ground pool lights and how to pick one out.

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What’s the best way to spice up your pool? By getting yourself the best above ground pool light, of course! Most swimming pools typically already have lights, but the differences in style, color, and modes make all the difference in terms of illumination and style.

Read on as we tell you why you need them, how to get them, and what the best are.

3 Purposes Of Above Ground Pool Lights

Safety Precaution

Pool lights are important for making sure that night swimming doesn’t end up with accidents. Although having lamps or outdoor lights illuminate the pool can seem like a good way to make night swims safer, depending on the size of your pool and the depth of it, having above ground pool lights can make a big difference.

They allow you to see all around the pool and the light ray depth gives you a general idea of how deep you are going too.

Aesthetic Purposes (Especially For Parties)

Not only do above ground pool lights serve as safety mechanisms, but they can also make your pool more aesthetically pleasing.

Some of the best led above ground pool light models come in varying in colors, brightness, strobe or flashing modes, and many more to add more character to your pool. Pool parties can become elevated with the right pool lights.

Setting The Right Mood

Lighting plays a big part in setting up the mood of a room. The same goes for setting the perfect mood for a pool. As we mentioned previously, above ground pool lights can come in a vast array of colors and lighting modes.

Choosing the right color and mode can be the difference between having a bland, normal pool and having a cool, playful, or romantic one.

Best Above Ground Pool Light Comparison Table



Type (PSI x GPM)


Intex Magnetic Pool Wall Light

Intex Magnetic Pool Wall Light

Magnetic, color-changing mode

GAME 4307-BB Waterproof Magnetic LED pool light

GAME 4307-BB Waterproof Magnetic LED pool light

Magnetic, Remote-controlled, color- changing

Intex (28692E) LED Pool Light

Intex (28692E) LED Pool Light

Hydroelectric power

LimeUP Submersible LED Pool Lights

LimeUP Submersible LED Pool Lights

Multicolor changing, Remote-Controlled

LimeUP LED Swimming Pool Lights

LimeUP LED Swimming Pool Lights

Steps On How To Find The Right Above Ground Pool Light

What Is Your Pool Like?

The first thing you want to do before getting yourself a pool light is to understand the type of pool you have. Depending on your pool type, size, and shape, you will have to get yourself varying sizes, number, and types of pool lights.

What’s Your Aesthetic?

The next thing you want to set clear after understanding your pool’s needs is the type of atmosphere or mood you want your pool to have. Would you rather go for the classic white pool lights?

Or would you rather have multi-colored strobe lights adorn your pool?

How Savvy Are You?

Depending on your skill when in handling technical stuff like this, you would want to get yourself a simple above ground pool light assembly as compared to getting models with above ground pool light bulb fixtures.


Because the latter will require you to fix above ground pool light replacement bulb fixtures manually.

What’s Your Budget?

The last step to getting yourself the perfect above ground pool light is to browse through your already narrowed down selection and to see which type and how many of them fit into your budget.

It’s better to decide on a budget even before you get to the store, but make sure this is your last but also most decisive step.

Your taste in color, style, and other features may change depending on what you see, but make sure you stick to a budget as this will guarantee you will shop more wisely and carefully.

Reviews On The Best Above Ground Pool Lights

#1 Intex Magnetic Pool Wall Light

A modern twist on a classic model, the Intex Magnetic Pool Wall Light is our first model among the best above ground pool light reviews. It is a magnetic model with light fixtures on both the interior and exterior of the pool, allowing you to make the most of illuminating your above ground pool.

Intex Magnetic Pool Wall Light


Best Features:

  • Magnetic mounting mechanism
  • Max capacity of 24 feet
  • Multi-color, color-changing interior bulb
  • check
    Easy removal and placement

#2 GAME 4307-BB Waterproof Magnetic LED pool light

A great design under the above ground pool lights amazon list, this magnetic, remote-controlled, multicolor changing model is not only amazing in itself, but it is also manufactured by GAME.

GAME is a company that actively supports multiple NGOs and Charities worldwide from its profits.

GAME 4307-BB Waterproof Magnetic LED pool light


Best Features:

  • 12 colors and 4 lighting modes
  • Max capacity of 24 feet
  • Magnetic attachment
  • check
    Works even in heavily chlorinated pools

#3 Intex (28692E) LED Pool Light

One of the best rated above ground pool light models from Intex, this unit is a hydroelectric-powered pool light.

It is built to fit into the space for your pool’s original inlet filters and will give you a classic white light illumination across your pool. It’s a classic circular model about 5 inches in diameter.

Intex (28692E) LED Pool Light


Best Features:

  • Hydroelectric-powered generator doesn’t require batteries or charging
  • Check valve for the prevention of wrong assembly
  • Built to fit standard inlet filters
  • check
    Automatic power when pump runs and stops
  • check
    Great indicator for filter changing as light will flicker or dim

#4 LimeUP Submersible LED Pool Lights

A multipurpose design manufactured by LIMEUP, this submersible LED pool light is one of the smallest models on the best above ground pool light 2019 list.

Its usage is not limited to the pool alone and can be used to bring an elevated mood or a brighter atmosphere to any space.

LimeUP Submersible LED Pool Lights


Best Features:

  • 13 different colors
  • 4 flash/lighting modes
  • Built-in string hole for hanging up
  • check
    Easily replaceable batteries
  • check
    Waterproof rubber ring to ensure no leakages occur

#5 LimeUP LED Swimming Pool Lights

Another great above ground pool light kit from LIMEUP, this is one of the more versatile models from the above ground pool lights amazon list.

Like the former model, this piece can be used both inside and outside the pool to spice up a venue however you like. It can be used at parties, holidays, or simply just for fun.

LimeUP LED Swimming Pool Lights


Best Features:

  • 16 different color selections
  • 4 different lighting modes (Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth)
  • Easy to replace batteries
  • check
    String Hole for more versatile placement
  • check
    Fully Waterproof

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Our hands down best above ground pool light based on its best overall value for money is none other than the LIMEUP LED Swimming pool lights.

Yes, it isn’t strictly limited to above ground pools, but that’s the beauty of this model. It can be used in absolutely any pool type and even in non-pool set-ups like being hung from a tree or placed on Christmas trees. Despite having a more or less similar price point as all the other models on this list, this model definitely has the most colorway and lighting modes as well as the most versatility.

So, if you want to get yourself the best above ground pool light, this is it.

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