Best Telescopic Pool Pole (How To Choose and Reviews)

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If you own a pool, you’ll know how messy it can become after people use it. The best tool to clean a pool is the best telescopic pool pole and we got a list!

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Those who own pools know how dirty they can get. Random leaves and soil can fall into the pool. Kids leave their bottles and other things floating around. If you and your family use the pool very often, then you’ll need to clean the pool of any unwanted objects inside regularly.

Fortunately, you can do this with a tool known as a telescopic pool pole. It’s an extendable pole that allows you to use different accessories used for fully cleaning your pool. In this guide, we’ll provide you with full reviews on what we think are the 5 best telescopic pool pole products.

We’ll also show you a nice buying guide that can show you how to choose the best telescopic swimming pool pole out of all the choices we’ve provided.

What Is a Telescopic Pool Pole?

Before we go to the buying guide and the products, let’s first go through what a telescopic pool pole is and what it does. We already mentioned that it’s an extendable pole that allows you to reach far ends of the pool to pull out those unwanted dirt, debris, leaves, or toys.

The beauty about these telescopic pool poles is that you can attach various accessories on their top ends. One of the accessories that you can attach include a brush pole. This accessory is used to clean the pool when there’s no water inside.

Another very common pole that you can attach is a net pole. This one is used for picking up those objects in the pool that you want out.

Lastly, you can even attach a vacuum to the end of the pole. This is used for cleaning away those small bits of debris and dirt that you normally can’t see.

Want To Know The 5 Best Telescopic Pool Pole On Our List?

Check Out The Comparison Table Below:





Docazoo Docapole Multipurpose Telescopic Pole

Docazoo Docapole Multipurpose Telescopic Pole

6 to 24 feet

Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Pool Pole

Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Pool Pole

7 to 21 feet

Miloo Multi-Purpose Telescopic Pole

Miloo Multi-Purpose Telescopic Pole

6 to 24 feet

Swimline 3 Piece Cleaning Pool Pole

Swimline 3 Piece Cleaning Pool Pole

8 to 21 feet

Aqua Select 18 Feet Vacuum Pole

Aqua Select 18 Feet Vacuum Pole

6 to 18 feet

See DetailsHow To Choose The Best Telescopic Pole For Your Swimming Pool

Now that you know how a telescopic pole may work for you, let’s move on to something a little deeper. If you never had the chance to buy a telescopic pole before, then you may not know how to choose one yet. For that very reason, we’ll be sharing a buying guide.

This buying guide comprises of various factors that you need to take into consideration when you’re picking out the best telescopic pole for pool. You need to take a look at these factors when purchasing a telescopic pool pole.

Check them out below:

  • Durability

The first thing that you want to take note of is the durability. With a highly durable pole, you won’t have to go through frequent telescopic pool pole repairs. When you look for durability of your pole, you need to take a look at the thickness. You want a pole that is thick and sturdy so that it doesn’t easily bend. You also want a pole that is resistant to rust or corrosion so that it won’t get affected by external factors such as water and other elements.

  • Material Used

The material used is not only related to the durability of the pole but also the ease of use. As mentioned above, you’ll want a pole that doesn’t rust or corrode. That way, you won’t get the telescopic pool pole stuck while using it. The best material for telescopic pool poles is anodized aluminum. This one has the best strength, resistance, and shelf life.

  • Lock System

The locking system of the pole determines its strength. So, what exactly is the locking system anyway? The telescopic pool pole locking device allows the pole to lock all the pieces in place even if the pole is fully extended. When poles become fully extended, the tendency is that they won’t hold out if you try to scoop up heavy objects. In that instance, the pole may break with the pieces apart. If your locking system is good, then the pole won’t break apart easily.

  • Pole Length

The length of the pole highly depends on the size of your pool. You’ll need to have a pole that can reach the middle of your pool. By right, the fully extended form of your pole should be able to reach the farthest corner. Some of the longest poles that can you buy can reach 21 feet in length. If you have a smaller pool, then you can get yourself a smaller pool pole.

The pole length is also determined by how many pieces is attached to the pole. These are usually two-piece or three-piece types. The two-piece types are the ones that can double in length. The three-piece types are the ones that can triple in length. The two-piece types are usually the telescopic pool pole 16 ft while the long 3 piece types are the telescopic pool pole 21' types.

  • Versatility

There are some poles that can be used for more purposes that just pool cleaning. There are some that are more multi-purpose. They can be used as paint rollers for roofs, dusters, window cleaners, or light bulb changers. This means that these poles are compatible with attachments used for these purposes. Therefore, if you want something that’s more multi-purpose than the traditional pool pole, take versatility into consideration.

  • Extra Attachments

You may also want to take into consideration some extra features as well. As mentioned above, some of the common attachments that you can use with the pole include brush, vacuum, and net. Other than that, you can also have other things as well like a rake, hook, or a high-powered vacuum. The extra attachments will solely depend on what other pool maintenance products you want to have with you.

  • Design

Design may not be that important to some people, but others are pretty particular with how the pole looks. This factor really depends on your own look preference. When taking looks into consideration, you just need to consider the color scheme of the pole and the structure. The rest is up to your tastes.

  • Price And Brand

The last thing you need to consider is the price and brand. The beauty of this guide is that it already allows you to filter out the cheap or not-so-known brands. With that, you’re left with 5 of the best telescopic pool pole US brands in the market. The best part is that these brands are not so expensive. They’re pretty affordable for any pool owner.

5 Best Telescopic Pool Pole Reviews

#1 Docazoo Docapole Multipurpose Telescopic Pole

The beauty of the Docapole by Docazoo is that it’s a multi-purpose pole. Not only can it clean your pool, but it can do a lot of other stuff too, such as help you change your light bulb, clean your roof, or scrub your windows. It is 6 feet in its retracted form, but it can easily stretch up to 24 feet. This makes it easy for you to reach far ends of your pool. It’s also no wonder why you can reach your windows from the ground.

Docazoo Docapole Multipurpose Telescopic Pole


Best Features:

  • Extendable length of up to 24 feet
  • Multi-purpose telescopic pole
  • Straight metal tip with a multi angle tip attachment
  • check
    Straight extension
  • check
    Can be used with any of Doca’s cleaning attachments
  • check
    Easy to keep and bring around

#2 Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Pool Pole

This Aqua Select product is an Aquarius aluminum telescopic pool pole that’s known for its heavy duty built and high durability. So, if you’re looking for something that can take weight and provide a lot of power, this is the product you may be looking for. That’s because it’s made out of the highest-grade aluminum that you can find.

The great thing about it is that it’s also very light to carry. Even if it’s strong, it’s not hard to use. Finally, it has an anti-slip handle that is made out of rubber coating. It also comes with locking cams that allow you to maintain your grip on the handle so that it won’t fall out when you’re cleaning your pool.

Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Pool Pole


Best Features:

  • Made of high-grade aluminum
  • Comes with non-slip handle
  • Compatible with various attachments
  • check
    Can be extended to up to 21 feet
  • check
    Thick and robust built

#3 Miloo Multi-Purpose Telescopic Pole

This is the second multi-purpose telescopic pole that we’ll mention in our list. In many aspects, this is like the Docazoo pole that we’ve mentioned above. The most significant difference between this and the Docazoo pole is that it’s more flexible.

The Docazoo is rather rigid, making it hard for you to clean those small spaces. This one has a rotating tip allowing you to reach hard spots to clean. Sure, this feature may not be that useful for pools, but it’s good for everything else. We will recommend it if you need to clean a lot of other places aside from just your pool.

Miloo Multi-Purpose Telescopic Pole


Best Features:

  • Flexible rotating tip
  • Multi-purpose function
  • Can reach up to 24 feet
  • check
    Compatible with various attachments used for cleaning
  • check
    Very lightweight material
  • check
    Compact when retracted back

#4 Swimline 3 Piece Cleaning Pool Pole

We recommend that you use this pole if you’re very particular with the locking mechanisms. Unlike most poles, this is a three-piece pole which means that it has three pieces connected by connectors. If your locking mechanism isn’t strong, it won’t be able to hold the three pieces together. Therefore, if you want to be sure, this is the one that we can recommend for you. The locking mechanism of this pole is really sturdy and strong.

Swimline 3 Piece Cleaning Pool Pole


Best Features:

  • Strong connectors and locks
  • Robust design
  • Two handles for proper gripping
  • check
    21 feet extendable length

#5 Aqua Select 18 Feet Vacuum Pole

Last on the list is the Aqua Select 18 Feet Vacuum Pole. As the name implies, this pole is great for use with a vacuum. If you happen to have a pool vacuum and want a nice, sturdy pole that can take the movements of the vacuum, pick this one. It is made out of professional grade aluminum, making it resistant to dents, bending, or scratches.

It’s also versatile in a sense that it can fit almost any vacuum head, brush head, or skimmer head. However, we maintain that it’s the best one to use with a vacuum.

Aqua Select 18 Feet Vacuum Pole


Best Features:

  • 1-inch diameter
  • High quality aluminum with ribbing
  • 18 feet extendable length


Now that you know how to choose the best telescopic pool pole and you have some choices in your head, the next thing to do is pick which of the 5 suits you the best. Once you pick your favorite one, you can buy it online or look for a telescopic pool pole in Bunnings or other similar stores.

Of course, we have a favorite pick out of the five choices we presented. If I were to buy a telescopic pool pole near me right now, I’d probably pick the Docazoo Docapole Multipurpose Telescopic Pole. This is a favorite among most pool owners because it’s very versatile with regard to purpose. It’s also very sturdy and durable. Finally, it has a length of up to 24 feet, making it one of the longest on the list.

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