Best Pool Vacuum Head ǀ What You Should Know Before Buying

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You’ll need the appropriate vacuum pool head to clean your pool. If you don’t know how to choose one, we’ll show you how to buy the best vacuum pool head.

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One of the most important things that pool owners must have is a pool vacuum head.

Aside from a pool brush, you also need to have a good vacuum head. There will be times when the dirt that gets stuck to your pool either can’t be scrubbed off or can’t be seen. For this, a brush or even net just won’t cut it.

For that, you’ll need the best type of pool vacuum head that you can find.

If you’ve never bought one of these before, then this guide will help you get the best pool vacuum head for your own pool.

Different Types Of Pool Vacuum Head

If you need to narrow down your choices to a couple of products, you first need to know how to distinguish the different types of pool vacuum heads. You can determine the type of vacuum head by the types of objects they can scoop up.

Just to get an idea of the types, here is a list that you can check out:

  • Stain Vacuum

There are some types of vacuums that specialize in vacuuming more fragile material such as vinyl. These are the ones that aren’t made to be too heavy duty. The best pool vacuum head for vinyl pools can are able to vacuum up dirt, stains and algae from vinyl surfaces without damaging the material.

If your pool doesn’t usually have leaves or soil in it, then you can buy the best pool vacuum head for vinyl liner.

  • Leaf Vacuum

Some pools may be surrounded by trees and bushes. These pools usually have leaves in them, especially during the autumn season when leaves fall from the trees.

While you do have the option of scooping the leaves with a net, this may be too much work. Instead, you can get the best pool vacuum head for leaves. These types of vacuums are stronger and more durable than the previously mentioned type. They can take in a multitude of leaves without wearing out.

  • Pebble Vacuum

Lastly, there are also vacuums that can take in extremely hard objects such as pebbles and stones. Generally, vacuums don’t have the power to take in such hard objects, but there are some exceptions.

Some vacuums are built to suck in hard objects without creating damage to the interior. If you notice that your pool always has stray stones and pebbles on the floor, then it’ll be wise to invest in a strong vacuum.

Now, you may be asking if there is a vacuum that can take cleaning all these objects. Yes, there are products that can. Usually, a pebble vacuum can also take in leaves. At the same time, there are also vacuums that can take leaves and clean vinyl material without damaging it.

How exactly do you know which vacuum can clean what object? You can see it on the pack or the instruction manual. Most products will indicate whether it is the best pool vacuum head for vinyl pool, the best for leaves, or the best for hard objects. Just pay attention to the specialty of the vacuum before you buy.

Comparison Table: The Best Pool Vacuum Head

Now that you know the various types that you can look for, we’d like to introduce some of the products that we chose. With a small idea of how to choose your pool vacuum head, you can appreciate the qualities of these products.

So, we’ll start the introduction of the products with a table that distinguishes one from the other.



Best Use For. . .


VINGLI Pool Sweeper and Pool Vacuum

VINGLI Pool Sweeper and Pool Vacuum

Debris, dirt, grime

Milliard Pool Vacuum Head

Milliard Pool Vacuum Head

Debris, dirt, grime

Hayward Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum

Hayward Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum

Debris, dirt, grime, algae

Swimline Hydrotools Triangle Vacuum

Swimline Hydrotools Triangle Vacuum

Debris, dirt, grime

US Pool Supply 12 Inch Pool Vacuum Head

US Pool Supply 12 Inch Pool Vacuum Head

Debris, dirt, grime mold, algae

What To Look For In Pool Vacuum Head?

Those are 5 products that we believe are the best to buy. Later on, we’ll delve deeper into the various features that each offers. But for now, we’d like to first proceed with the buying guide. This will allow you to understand how to systematically choose the best pool vacuum head for your individual needs.

We’ll give you the criteria that you can follow:

  • Size

When we talk about size, we’re usually talking about the width of the vacuum. If you have a big sized vacuum head, you can cover more area. This is important because the coverage determines how fast you can get the job done.

Thus, if you have a big sized pool, you may need a decent sized vacuum head. The recommended size is around 11 inches. You can get a bigger one if you like.

  • Design

For us, the design that you should choose will highly depend on the shape of your pool. Most of the vacuum heads these days are triangle shaped or pointed. This is to allow you to clean the corners of a square or rectangle shaped pool.

But if your pool is circular, then it’s better if you get the vacuum heads that are round or oval in shape.

  • Durability Of Handles

If you check your vacuum head, you’ll notice that there are handles on them. The handles are used to keep the vacuum head in place when used with a pole. It’s very important to choose strong handles because flimsy ones tend to break.

Most are made out of very sturdy plastic material. However, these ones have the tendency to break if overused. If you’re not such a heavy user though, this is actually good enough.

Another choice is stainless steel. These are generally stronger and sturdier. However, some of them may rust if exposed to too much moisture. When they rust, then they’d start to wear out.

The choice of handle material will really depend on your usage. If you’re a heavy user of the pool and need to clean a lot, get a vacuum with a steel type handle. If not, plastic will do.

  • Other Convenience Features

When you look for a vacuum head, you’ll probably want to take a look at some other features, as well that can make your job easier. For instance, there are some vacuums that come with wheels. These make it easier for you to maneuver your vacuum head.

There are also some vacuums that come with soft brushes to take in the debris. The brushes also help sweep away sticky grime so that the vacuum can suck it in. For easy handling, some vacuums even come with clips on the handles so that you can keep the vacuum attached to your pole.

At the end of the day, the other features that you’ll choose will depend on what makes your pool cleaning experience easier. So, we suggest that you take a look at the extra features of each product so that you can understand which one suits your own preferences and situation.

  • Price And Brand

It pays to be very particular with branding because the brand determines the quality of the appliance. That’s why we never recommend cheap or unknown brands because we can’t be sure if the products these brands produce are up to standard.

Therefore, our list will only include brands that have good reputations among various customers. Also, we made sure that the products from these brands are not too expensive but not too cheap either. That way, you can be assured both quality and savings.

5 Best Pool Vacuum Head Reviews

#1 VINGLI Pool Sweeper and Pool Vacuum

This is known as one of the best pool vacuum heads for algae simply because of its suction power. With the power of this vacuum, it is possible to suck out even the most stubborn dirt or debris. It can even suck out algae or mold. If your pool happens to have grime or hard-to-remove dirt on its walls very often, then we suggest that you get this pool vacuum head.

Aside from a vacuum, it also functions as a pool sweeper. With that, you can also take away the dust inhabiting your pool. Other than overall functionality, you’ll notice that the set up is very easy as well. You won’t have any difficulty with the assembly because everything is really straightforward. In short, we can say that this vacuum head is both efficient and easy to use.

VINGLI Pool Sweeper and Pool Vacuum


Best Features:

#2 Milliard Pool Vacuum Head

If you are looking for something that’s very easy to use, we’d recommend this product. The beauty of this vacuum head is that it comes with air relief valves. These handy little valves help release extra suction from the vacuum. When it does this, the extra weight from the suction goes away. This will make it so much easier to move the vacuum head around the pool. Compared to other vacuum heads that don’t have this function, this is a great choice that gives you total convenience when cleaning.

Another great thing about this product is that it’s pretty durable. It’s made out of very hard ABS plastic making it very sturdy and resistant to rust or corrosion. This is actually the best professional pool vacuum head on this list.

Milliard Pool Vacuum Head


Best Features:

  • Comes with spring loaded clips
  • Has air relief valve
  • Made out of durable ABS plastic
  • check
    13.5-inch width

#3 Hayward Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum

The Hayward Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum is a good automatic vacuum that has a really cool wall climbing feature. You’ll also notice that this pool vacuum comes with a SmartDrive Steering feature. This handy little feature allows the pool vacuum to gain a lot of coverage at a short period of time.

If you want a vacuum that can scoop up debris extremely fast, then this is the one that you’ll most likely put your eye on. The best part is that even though it is an auto vacuum, it doesn’t make any sound while it moves. Hence, while the vacuum cleans the pool, you can enjoy silent operations. This is actually one of the best pool vacuum heads for above ground pools.

Hayward Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum


Best Features:

  • SmartDrive steering
  • Very fast suction feature
  • Easy to assemble
  • check
    Has a wall climbing capability
  • check
    Silent operation

#4 Swimline Hydrotools Triangle Vacuum

For those who have fiberglass or vinyl pools, you’ll need a vacuum head that’s a little bit gentle on the material. The Swimline Hydrotools Triangle Vacuum is actually designed especially for fiberglass and vinyl material. It’s also great for rectangular pools that have sharp edges or corners.

Because of the triangular shape, the vacuum can fit the corners perfectly, allowing it to suck up all the debris in the hard-to-reach places. To further help pick up the debris, this vacuum comes with soft brushes. The combination of these features allows you to clean up your vinyl pool with total ease.

Swimline Hydrotools Triangle Vacuum


Best Features:

  • Triangular shape for cleaning corners
  • Comes with angled brushes
  • Has a Snap Adapt lock

#5 US Pool Supply 12 Inch Pool Vacuum Head

By far, this is the most flexible vacuum head that you can find. If you have a pool with a rectangle shape on one side and a circular shape on the other, then this is the one you should consider. This vacuum head is extremely versatile and is able to fit in both types of corners. It’s very easy to maneuver and includes nylon cleaning bristles. The beauty of nylon cleaning brushes is that it is strong enough to take out algae, mold and grime. It’s pretty strong and can effectively clean the walls of the pool.

US Pool Supply 12 Inch Pool Vacuum Head


Best Features:

  • 12 inches width
  • Flexible built
  • Comes with EZ clips
  • Can be used with a telescopic pole


While we believe that these 5 products are the best there is, we’d like to give our opinion on the best of the best. For us, we believe that the Hayward Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum is the best pool vacuum head that you can find. It provides the most value for money because it is very efficient in cleaning up dirt and can take any pool shape. This is most likely the easiest to use in this list and also one of the most effective in cleaning.

What about you? Which pool vacuum head are you using at the moment?

Comment down below and help others find the best pool vacuum head!

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