Best Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer Reviews 2020

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Affordability is one of the things that people consider the most when buying a product. This is why Greenworks electric pressure washer is a big hit in the market.

Greenworks is a widely known brand that sells green alternatives to gas-powered tools such as pressure washers. If you are a Green advocate or just someone who wants to shift from using a heavy-duty gas pressure washer to an eco-friendly light-duty unit, then no doubt that Greenworks is one worth trying.

Types Of Greenworks Pressure Washer (Electric Units ONLY)

Some Greenworks pressure washer reviews mentioned that Greenworks seems to have a limited selection of pressure washers.

Now, here’s the truth:

This is because the brand is focused on electric pressure washers only. If you pay a visit to Greenworks’ About Us page, you’ll notice that their products have an emphasis on being “Green”. Hence, they stay away from tools that produce fumes and emit harmful gases such as carbon monoxide.

They, however, produce electric pressure washer units with different features and technologies, as well as units with varying PSI and GPM levels:

Common Features and Technologies of Greenworks PW

Although a Greenworks pressure washer electric unit can’t be categorized as heavy-duty, the machine has its own charm and uses, which many homeowners love about.

You may be wondering:

“What are the common features and technologies of Greenworks Pressure Washer?”

If you’re going to read Greenworks pressure washer manual, you’ll notice that these features/technologies are usually integrated into most of their top-selling machines.

These are also the top things to look for when buying a light-duty pressure washer:

  • Compact And Lightweight Design

As mentioned earlier, Greenworks pressure washers are made for light-duty tasks. Thus, the power washers from the brand have no bulky engine and steel frame construction. In fact, Greenworks pressure washer parts are lightweight. Also, Greenworks washers have a compact design that makes it easy to store the units.

  • GFCI Power Cord

Another common of Greenworks pressure washers is the GFCI power cord. Not only is the brand concerned with producing eco-friendly machines; they also make it a point to only offer products that are safe.

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, which is a safety feature that protects you against electrical shocks that are usually caused by fault currents. One of the recurring Greenworks pressure washer problems before is the damaged insulation. Although Greenworks has already made their quality control stricter, having GFCI power cord is an additional layer of protection when using the machine.

  • Soap Applicator

If you have probably noticed, most Greenworks pressure washer popular electric units, such as Greenworks pressure washer 1700 psi and Greenworks pressure washer 1600 psi, have a soap applicator.

Want to know why the soap applicator is a constant feature?

Electric pressure washers are recommended for soft washing on delicate surfaces such as car windows and wooden decks. Such low-pressure cleaning tasks usually require foam for a thorough cleaning. Greenworks being a brand that exclusively sells electric units, purposely added the soap applicator to cater such cleaning need.

  • Universal Motor

A universal motor is one type of electric motor that works well on either AC or DC power supply. Therefore, whether your home is wired for AC or DC power outlet, you can still use the Greenworks pressure washer since most, if not all, of their electric pressure washers have a universal motor.

Top-Rated Greenworks Pressure Washer Review

The best Greenworks pressure washer in the market at the moment is the Greenworks pressure washer 1700 psi.

It is a light-duty pressure washer with 1700 psi level and 1.2 gpm level. It has a total cleaning power of 2,040 CUs. This is powered by a 13-amp universal motor and is people’s choice for residential cleaning jobs.

Watch this video to know what to expect from this unit:

So, what makes this unit the users’ favorite?

Here are the reasons why:

Greenworks pressure washer GPW1702 comes with a soap applicator, 2 quick-connect nozzles, and an onboard hose reel

Greenworks pressure washer GPW1702 comes with a soap applicator, 2 quick-connect nozzles, and an onboard hose reel


  • Produces less noise, perfect for indoor use
  • With 20-feet high-pressure hose for greater reach; thus, more areas can be cleaned
  • Equipped with a soap applicator for soft washing
  • Also has a 35-feet GFCI power cord
  • Very lightweight; only weighs 31.4 pounds
  • With an onboard hose reel to make storing the hose a lot easier


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty cleaning such as those that involve grease
  • Only has a 1-year warranty

To view the full warranty policy of Greenworks pressure washer GPW1702, click here.


Greenworks offers an affordable and reliable electric pressure washer units that are ideal for home cleaning tasks. Many avid pressure washer users agree that this is one of the best pressure washer brands to consider when it comes to light-duty, indoor pressure washers.

Despite the release of new models, I still think that Greenworks pressure washer 1700 psi offers the best value to money.

Have you used any of the Greenworks pressure washers before? Share with us your experience and help others make an informed buying decision.

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