How to Get Pressure Washing Jobs (Experts’ Best Advice)

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Struggling to find pressure washing clients? Read this article and learn the best tips from experts on how to get pressure washing jobs!

Professional cleaning services have become more and more popular these days. People get a lot busier as work and family time get even more demanding. As a result, homeowners and businesses don’t have enough time to do regular cleaning. 

With this in mind, a lot of small and medium businesses has opened up, offering pressure washing services, which include a garage, patio, and basement cleaning. 

Sounds like a promising business, isn’t it?

Well, while some find it easy on how to get more pressure washing jobs, but there are those that struggle. What’s the problem? Marketing strategy? Perhaps the price? Or is it the performance due to poor equipment?

In the next section, we will share with you some of the best advice on how to bid pressure washing jobs as recommended by experts. 

Reaching out to local factories, warehouses, or restaurants in your area might give you the chance to get consistent pressure washing jobs.
Reaching out to local factories, warehouses, or restaurants in your area might give you the chance to get consistent pressure washing jobs.

Let’s get started:

How to get Pressure Washing Jobs (Best Tips)

1. Start Local

Before you can hit big in the market, it is better to start local first. Not only is it strategic, but experts also said that building a loyal client base will get your business on top the fastest. 

Firstly, starting local gives you that stronger connection with your clients. You can cater to their needs as you know them personally or at least know what their problems are. If they are satisfied with your service, they, too, can thank you personally, which marketers considered as the start of building trust and loyalty. 

2. Look for the Best Potential Clients

You cannot just offer pressure washing jobs to anyone. You also have to strategize and consider who needs your services more. The best potential clients are elderly homeowners who will most likely find it difficult to clean hard-to-reach areas and can’t do chores for prolonged periods. Busy independent businesses are also excellent clients to add to your list. 

3. Start Your Business When There Are Great Demands

According to statistics, the best seasons in which cleaning services are on demands are during the start of fall and the time that transitions spring to summer. 


This is because these periods are the mold and mildew seasons. Mold and mildew are fungal spores that need moisture and water to survive, thus they are more prevalent during the start of summer than in colder months. 

4. Have the Best Pressure Washer

The highlight on how to get commercial pressure washing jobs is having the best pressure washer. This cleaning tool is not only efficient in removing dirt and mold; it is also very versatile that can also get rid of old paints and stains. 

If you want your pressure washing business to flourish, then you should never hesitate in investing in the best pressure washer out there. 

For light to medium-duty cleaning tasks, a high-pressure electric pressure washer is good enough, but if you want to try your hands on heavy-duty cleaning services, then it is wise to invest in both electric and gas-powered pressure washers. 

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5. Secure the Basic Accessories for Pressure Washing

To entice more clients, you should be able to offer a wide array of services, so don’t limit your tools and also invest in good pressure washer accessories that would make your services even more efficient. 

A surface cleaner, nozzle attachments, and wands and guns are just some of the popular pressure washing accessories that you will need. You can buy more as your business starts to get big. 

6. Offer Free Follow-up Services or Package Deals

Customers love it when you assure them of your service. One way to do this is to offer free services like free consultations and follow-up cleaning if they are not satisfied with your service. 

You can also offer package deals like indoor and outdoor cleaning deals or a combination of light and heavy-duty pressure washing services. Plus, don’t forget to give incentives.

7. Advertise Big Discounts with Time Constraints

Offering deals with time constraints is perhaps one of the best marketing techniques out there. Customers love freebies and big discounts, so if you offer them one in a limited time, they will most likely grab the chance. 

How to charge pressure washing jobs big shouldn’t be your concern if you are just starting. You should start building your clients. Don’t worry about ROI, you will surely get more once your client base starts to kick-off. 

There you go! These 7 tips should be kept in mind if you want to get pressure washing jobs in your area. If you already have an existing marketing plan, you can also take those that you think will work out for you. 

Try them and let us know!

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