Karcher K5 Premium Electric Pressure Quick Review

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​Learn what makes Karcher K5 Premium electric pressure washer a great option among the other 2000 PSI pressure washers. We’ve got a detailed review and more!

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​Karcher surely is one of the popular pressure washer brands for home use alongside Sun Joe, AR Blue Clean, and Greenworks.

​But one of the priced models from the brand is the Karcher K5 Premium electric pressure washer. In fact, this particular model is, more often than not, included in the best list of most home pressure washer reviews online.

​Just like you, we can’t just believe what’s written online, can we?

​So we did a little survey and our own research as to what makes K5 Premium a great pressure washer.

​Curious? Check our review below:

Karcher K5 Premium proves to be the most durable 2000 psi pressure washer in the market recently

Karcher K5 Premium proves to be the most durable 2000 psi pressure washer in the market recently

#​Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Washer, 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM

​With a glance, one would probably think the Karcher K5 Premium is pretty bulky, which is quite true. It has a slightly bigger body as compared to the pressure washers with the same PSI from other brands. However, when it comes to maneuverability and ease of use, this model actually offers a better experience.

At 32 pounds, an average person can easily use this pressure washer. It also has a sturdy and stable frame, thanks to its slightly wider base. While others may find it turn off as t would make this machine difficult to store, but it’s just a little sacrifice, considering the efficiency and amazing performance of this pressure washer.

​Its most prized feature is the water-cooled induction motor that uses cool water to lower the temperature while the machine is in use. This makes the machine runs quieter and prolongs the lifespan of the motor.

Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Washer, 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM

Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Washer, 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM


  • ​A light-duty home cleaning unit with cleaning power of 2,800 CU
  • ​Runs quietly during operations
  • ​With a  water-cooled motor, making the machine perform better and last longer up to 5 times
  • ​It makes use of an N-COR pump, which is a non-corrosive and maintenance-free pump.
  • ​Its water inlet can withstand a maximum temperature of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • ​Has a built-in hose reel to keep the hose intact and free from damage
  • ​The hose reel is pressurized, making it easier to reel in the hose to avoid harsh twisting and curling.
  • ​Comes with a Vario Power spray wand that allows you to switch from high-pressure to low-pressure swiftly right on the wand
  • ​Also has a Dirtblaster wand that helps increase the pressure, perfect for stubborn stains and dirt
  • ​Has onboard detergent tank
  • ​When the low-pressure setting is selected, it automatically dispenses the detergent at a proper ratio
  • ​Tested and approved by the Canadian Standards Association
  • ​Suitable for residential use
  • ​Comes with a 20year limited warranty
  • ​Also backed by Karcher’s Rapid Exchange Program
  • ​Pretty affordable considering the amazing performance and features of this machine


  • ​Takes more space for storage unlike the other models from other brands
  • ​It also takes a bit more time to assemble the Karcher K5 Premium electric power pressure washer.

​Karcher K5 Premium Pressure Washer Recommended Accessories

  • ​Karcher Surface Cleaner

​You surely need this one if you plan to use your Karcher K5 premium on patios, decks, and driveways. This helps you finish the job faster.

​For better results, we recommend the T300 surface cleaner. It has 11-inches diameter head, specifically designed to tackle on patios, floors, and driveways.

  • ​Power Scrubber

​The power scrubber is perfect for cleaning house facades, staircases, as well as fences and walls of your garage and basement.

​For Karcher K5 Premium, the best power scrubber to buy is the PS40 power scrubber which has 11.5 inches path diameter. What’s more, it also has stiff bristles that prevent splashbacks, giving you a streak-free cleaning.

  • ​Foam Nozzle

​Aside from the machine’s ability to dispense detergent when it is set at a low-pressure setting through its Vario power spray wand, you can also maximize its soap washing potential with the foam nozzle.

​The foam nozzle is ideal when heavy foaming is needed just like in car washing. In glass surfaces like car windows, a foam nozzle proves to be a great Karcher K5 Premium attachment. It can hold up to 12 ounces liquid.

  • ​Right Angle Wand

​Perhaps you need to clean gutters or the underbodies of your vehicles? Then a right angle wand is a must-have attachment.

​With the right angle spray tip at the end of the 30 inches wand, you can thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas of your house and vehicles.

  • ​Extension Wands

​Karcher K5 premium is also an excellent machine that is compatible with 4 different extension wands. You can easily attach 1, 2 or all wands to reach a total length of 67 inches. This is a perfect tool to use for high ceiling and high wall cleaning jobs.

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