Pressure Washer Store Near Me 2020: Finding The Best Pressure Washer Near You!

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Not the best pressure washers are expensive. Sometimes, you just have to find a pressure washer store near you that offers the best units at the best price!

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Are you tired of scrubbing those concrete floors or those moldy wood fences you have? If so, then getting a pressure washer is a no brainer.

It’s an effortless and efficient cleaning method that is beneficial to both average homeowners and professional pressure washer users.

So, how do you get started with purchasing your pressure washer cleaner?

Simple! You start by searching for the “best pressure washer store near me” on the internet and shortlist reliable shops near your area.

But before you make that final purchase, here are some guidelines to help you with the selection:

When cleaning concrete surfaces like garage or driveways, a medium-duty cleaner is a perfect choice

When cleaning concrete surfaces like garage or driveways, a medium-duty cleaner is a perfect choice

What To Look For In A Power Washer?

  • Cleaning Power Range

Pressure washer experts would tell you to check the cleaning power of the pressure washer. This is because the cleaning power will determine how efficient the cleaner is. It would also determine the range of cleaning operations the machine can handle.

As a rule of thumb, you should set 16,000 CUs as a minimum cleaning power for commercial purposes and a cleaning power of 2,600 to 3,600 CUs for residential uses only.

But how do you calculate the cleaning power of the power washer cleaner?

Just multiply the maximum PSI level and the cleaner’s flow rate in GPM. The product of these two is the performance power of your chosen cleaner.

  • Belt Drive Pump

There are two types of drive pump a gas pressure washer can have, namely the direct drive pump and the belt drive pump.

Now, if you want your power cleaner to last longer and withstand heavy-duty operations, then you should not get anything other than the belt drive pump.


The belt drive pump operates through a pulley and belt system. This means that there is no extra weight put on the engine. Unlike in the direct drive pump, the pump is mounted directly to the engine.

In addition, the belt drive pump is also protected from the impact and vibrations while the machine is in use. This makes the pump last longer.

Still, the direct drive pump is a good deal only if you use the pressure washer for short period operation. Pressure washers with this type of pump tend to be cheaper, so it works for homeowners who are on a tight budget and don’t really use the cleaner on a daily basis.

  • Durability

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the gas and electric pressure washer’s durability. One of which is the pump type, which is already tackled earlier.

So, what are the other features to look for to ensure your unit can stand the test of time and long hours of use?

On the outside, your power washer should be supported with a sturdy welded steel frame. Moreover, make sure that it is powder-coated. This ensures that the steel frame is protected against rust and corrosion.

Also, check the materials and detailing. Is it primarily made of metal? Good. How about the coupler and fitting? Make sure they are made of brass or copper but never plastic.

  • Warranty

One of the rules when purchasing a pressure washer, or any other power tools for that matter, is to always confirm the product’s warranty program. Some machines have a false advertisement, but what you should do is to personally contact the seller and clarify the points in the warranty that you don’t understand.

This works for me since I wanted a unit with really good service and customer support.

Most of the time, commercial grade pressure washers have a shorter warranty policy as compared to consumer units. This is because it is assumed that they are used more frequently. For this reason, just check that the machine has a separate warranty for its engine, pump, and parts.

How To Shop For A Pressure Washer

Here’s how I usually plan when shopping for a pressure washer:

1. Decide On The PSI Level

I always go for PSI level first. I decide what psi level is suitable for the cleaning tasks I want to accomplish. As I always mention in my other blogs, every cleaning job has a different psi requirement.

The most in-demand PSI level nowadays is 3000 psi, as this can be used both in residential and commercial purposes. There are a lot of unit selections in this category as well.

2. Choose The Brand

After I decided on the psi level, I search which pressure washer brand is well-known to produce the best unit with the psi level I wanted.

For instance, if I searched for great brands that offer 3000 psi cleaners, then Simpson Cleaning and Powerstroke would be on my list as these two are quite popular in this psi category. On the other hand, Sun Joe and Karcher offer incredible cleaners with a low-pressure.

I am not particularly loyal to one single brand. I search and take those who offer the best value to my money.

3. Check The Features

So now I have my ideal pressure washer machine. It is now easier to compare various units and models with amazing features.

It is best to get a unit with TSS (total stop system) for electric power washers and thermal pump protection for gas power washers. These features help protect the pump of your unit, thus adding to the machine's lifespan.

As for the engine, some of the most trusted pressure washer engines nowadays are Honda, Kohler, and Brigg and Stratton.

4. Add Attachments And Accessories

The last step is to choose the attachment and accessories you want to add to your unit. Let’s say that you want a pressure cleaner for decks, then you need to get a surface cleaner attachment. On the other hand, the unit with longer lance and wand is ideal for cleaning house sidings and fences.

Surface cleaners are a popular pressure washer attachment, especially when cleaning wooden decks

Surface cleaners are a popular pressure washer attachment, especially when cleaning wooden decks

How To Find The Best Pressure Washer Store Near You

So, you already have your shortlist of ideal pressure washer units to check out. This leads us to the next question— where is the best power washer store near me?

In today's world, you can easily find a pressure washing equipment store near you. You can just key in the words “pressure washer sales near me” and you will find information about shops and businesses nearby.

Other ways to find a good pressure washer shop is through friends’ recommendations and home TV advertisements.

Lastly, the most popular method nowadays since it helps people save time and money is through online retailers like Amazon, Homedepot, and Lowes. While these online retailers have mixed feedback from customers, many are still dependent on them, especially those who are after discounts and bargain prices.

# The Best Pressure Washer For Starters

If you are still in doubt and don’t know which unit to get, a lot of experts suggest sticking to the medium-duty power washer with 3000 psi level. If you want to know a good brand that offers amazing electric and gas units in this category, then Simpson Cleaning MS60763 MegaShot is definitely worth it.

Simpson Cleaning MS60763 MegaShot


Simpson Cleaning MS60763 MegaShot

  • Powerful cleaner suitable for both indoor and outdoor operations
  • Sturdy and very durable
  • Has Kohler RH265 engine
  • check
    MorFlex 25' high-pressure hose
  • check
    OEM Technologies Axiam cam pump
  • check
    2-year warranty for the engine and 1-year warranty for the pump

Don’t have a pressure washer yet? Visit the pressure washer store near you and look for the best cleaner that suits your need. Use the buying tips above to guide you with your purchase!

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