Simpson 4200 PSI Pressure Washer Review 2020

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​A lot of praises have been said but is Simpson 4200 psi pressure washer really worth it? We’ve got a detailed review and buying tips to help you out!

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​A lot of pressure washer shoppers ask what’s the best pressure washer brand to buy. But in all honesty, all brands have both good and bad products.

​Simpson is not exempted in this case. We have reviewed and tested several Simpson pressure washers, as well as gathered authentic feedback from users. The Simpson ALH4240 pressure washer is one model that came up several times.

​Those who have shortlisted the Simpson Cleaning ALH4240 are really curious, so we want to help out and decided to list down its notable features and explain its functions.

Simpson 4200 psi pressure washer is an example of a well-engineered heavy-duty commercial pressure washer machine

Simpson 4200 psi pressure washer is an example of a well-engineered heavy-duty commercial pressure washer machine

​Simpson 4200 PSI Pressure Washer Review

​This is a gas-powered pressure washer which produces a maximum pressure of up to 4200 psi at a 4.0 GPM flow rate. This will give you a maximum cleaning power of 16,800 CU.

​In a lot of professionals’ point of view, this level of cleaning power is already considered heavy-duty and is usually used in commercial purposes.

​And since it is a gas pressure washer, Simpson ALH4240 pressure washer has a bulky frame, two big wheels, and a steel bar handle.

​What Are The Notable Specs And Features?

​One can identify the efficiency of a machine by getting a closer look at its prized features.

​Check them out below:

  • ​Honda GX390 Engine

​This type of engine is known to be the top choice for heavy-duty equipment. Therefore, you can expect your Simpson Cleaning ALH 4.0 GPM gas pressure washer to handle high-pressure cleaning efficiently.

​It also has a built-in oil alert, which signals the user when the engine oil is at a certain low level and a refill is already necessary. This helps prolong the life of the engine by preventing potential friction that might lead to engine failure.

  • ​CAT Industrial Triplex Plunger Pump

​Aside from the engine, a heavy-duty pressure washer also needs a reliable and high-performing pump.

​According to Simpson 4200 psi pressure washer manual, this model makes use of CAT industrial triplex plunger pump. It is a dependable pump that is also known for being low-maintenance and efficient.

​Designed specifically to last longer amidst demanding applications, you can guarantee that this pressure washer machine can complete cleaning jobs without interruptions. This also allows the machine to accommodate a huge volume of water for up to 4 gallons per minute, thus cleaning is done swiftly and thoroughly.

  • ​Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame

​Unlike most electric pressure washers with plastic body covering, this one has a more durable and sturdy frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

​What does it mean, anyway? This means your machine is supported by robust metal without the added weight. So, even with its bulky appearance, Simpson 4200 psi pressure washer can still be easily moved around.

​The Aluminum frame also lessens the vibrations impact and protects the engine and pump while the machine is in use.

  • ​High-Pressure Monster Hose

​Your pressure washer would be useless without an equally high-pressure hose. The conventional garden hose won’t just make the cut.

​The Monster hose that comes with Simpson AHL4240 is perfect for heavy-duty and high power cleaning as it is made from steel-braided and non-marring inner part while the outer construction is made from premium-grade polyurethane.

​This means that the hose is up to 3 times more resistant to abrasion and does not leave any streaks after cleaning. It is also easy to curl and store.

  • ​Pneumatic Tires

​As this machine is suitable for heavy-duty tasks, it is only suitable to engineer it with four-ply treading tires. Such tires are ideal for both even and uneven terrain, as well as make the machine holds its place during operations.

​Most gas pressure washers release vibration while in use. If the tires are of poor quality, this could lead to the machine tripping off as it can’t absorb the shock, thus failing in terms of stabilization.

​Pneumatic tires are mainly experts in that field. They have better shock absorption, so the Simpson 4200 psi pressure washer can hold its place even in slightly uneven terrains.

  • ​Quick Connect Nozzles

​As we mentioned, there are a lot of cleaning tasks that you can accomplish considering the machine’s cleaning power. For this, you need to switch to different nozzle spray tips to make the task even more efficient.

​The Simpson AHL4240 Aluminum 4200 psi 4.0 gpm comes with 5 quick-connect nozzle tips, which varies from 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 45-degree, and soaping nozzle. Hence, you can adjust the spray patterns depending on the pressure needed for the task at hand.

​The Verdict

​After a thorough investigation of its features, we can confidently say that Simpson 4200 psi gas pressure washer is definitely worth the hefty price.

​You can do a lot of cleaning jobs both for residential and most commercial cleaning, giving you the best value for your money.

​ If you do not mind the bulky structure and you have enough space for storage, then this is an excellent choice. While it is a bit expensive, we believe the features, specs and overall performance of Simpson AHL4240 are absolutely worth it.

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