Stanley SLP2050 Electric Power Washer (Review)

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​If you’re looking for the best Stanley SLP2050 electric power washer, take a look at our favorite model. Look at its features to know if it’s for you.  

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​Many people who have experience in using power washers have recommended the brand Stanley as their top choice. And that’s because Stanley produces some of the most robust power washers with amazing features.

​That is why even we love pressure washers from the Stanley brand. In particular, our favorite product is none other than the Stanley SLP2050 electric power washer.

​In this review, we’re going to tell you why it’s one of the best in the market and why you should have it.

Stanley SLP2050 pressure washer has the best PSI level to clean vehicles

Stanley SLP2050 pressure washer has the best PSI level to clean vehicles

​Stanley SLP2050 Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

#​Stanley SLP2050 Electric Power Washer

​The great thing about the Stanley SLP2050 is that it provides a lot of power due to its strong water pressure but saves water at the same time if you use a garden hose.

To be specific, it can save up to 80% more water with a garden hose than your average pressure washer. Aside from its strength, it’s also really easy to bring around-- especially if you have to cover a large area.

​It comes with a mobile cart that allows you to push it around. Finally, it has a garden hose connector that is 2mm and made of pro-grade brass, making it very durable. Because of this, the pressure washer does not leak.

Stanley SLP2050 Electric Power Washer


​What Customers Have To Say

​If you look at various customer reviews, you’ll see that the sentiment among users of this machine is quite favorable. First, customers love the power that it gives. While there are pressure washers with higher PSIs, this pressure washer has an internal combustion engine, allowing it to stay powered up. At the same, it does not make any unnecessary noise while in use.


  • ​Consistent pressure and power due to the internal combustion engine
  • ​Very durable garden hose connector, being made out of solid top-quality brass material
  • ​Can save up to 80% power compared to other pressure washers
  • ​Comes with a pushcart for easy mobility
  • ​Electric powering does not require any gas or fuel


  • ​Not as strong as a gas-powered pressure washers
  • ​You cannot use the high-pressure nozzle with soap because of its big hole

​Stanley SLP2050 Cleaning Applications

​Now that you know about the respective advantages and disadvantages of the Stanley SLP2050 pressure washer, the next thing to know about is the applications of this appliance.

​We’ll first list down the various applications and which nozzles are the perfect fit for the job:

  • ​Driveways

​In order to clean off the dirt or the grime on driveways, the best nozzle to use is the 0-degree spray pattern. This one has a very strong power concentration that allows it to wash away stubborn dirt on hard surfaces. It can also do a good job of taking out mud or dirt.

  • ​Cement

​Pressure washers are great in washing hard and rough surfaces because of their power. The best nozzle that can be used for this kind of surface is the 15-degree nozzle.

  • ​Vinyl

​Vinyl is a material that requires the 25-degree nozzle to fully clean it up and bring back the shine. At the same time, this nozzle can also be used for cleaning mold and mildew off of the material.

  • ​Vehicles

​If you want to wash vehicles such as cars, ATVs, and RVs, then the best type of nozzle to use is the 40-degree nozzle which will lower the pressure so as not to take away the paint or damage the vehicle.

​Stanley SLP2020 Pressure Washer Manual – Care Tips And Proper Usage

​By knowing about the details of the Stanley SLP2050 and its various uses, the next thing we’d like to discuss more is how to take care of it.

​We’re going to summarize the tips found in the Stanley SLP2050 pressure washer manual and explain each care tip:

  • ​Detergent Use

​When using detergents, you need to make sure that the cleaning solution has adequate water consistency to prevent any clogging. Make sure to follow the instructions written in the manual.

  • ​Garden Hose Adapter Cleaning

​Clean the screen in the adapter from time to time with clean water. After that, you can use it again.

  • ​Nozzle Cleaning

​Make sure that you clean the nozzles and make sure that all clogs are loosened. To do this, turn the unit and water supply off. After that, squeeze the trigger 3 times to take out excess pressure. From there, flush the water out with the highest-pressure level.


​And that’s all you need to know about the Stanley SLP2050 electric power washer. This pressure washer is reliable and well worth the money if you know how to use it. This guide will tell you all about this machine, where to use it, and how to properly care for it.

​With this guide at your disposal, you can now buy one for yourself and give your home a nice cleaning.

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