Troy Bilt Pressure Washer Owner’s Manual (Features And Controls)

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​Do you have a brand-new Troy Bilt Pressure washer? Let us help you maximize its use by teaching you about it in this Troy Bilt pressure washer owner’s manual.

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​Troy Bilt pressure washers are known for their sleek looks but heavy-duty performance. If you just bought one, then you probably don’t know how to fully utilize its power yet. You need to first take note of all the features and the controls of the pressure washer before you use it.

​In this short Troy Bilt pressure washer owner’s manual, we’re going to list down some of the most important controls, features, and functions.

​You’ll find all of those things below:

​Why You Should Read The User Manual?

​It’s quite common for people (especially newbie owners of pressure washers) to skip reading the manual and go on to experiment using the machine. While there really isn’t anything wrong with doing that, we won’t recommend you do that.


​It’s because the manual comes with important information that you can use in order to use your pressure washer safely and properly. It also comes with a list of Troy Bilt pressure washer parts that you should know of so that you’ll know how to pinpoint the cause of troubles.

​So, tempting as it may be to throw away your manual, don’t. Always read it completely before you use your product and keep it on the side so that you’ll have a reference.

​Troy Bilt Pressure Washer Features And Controls

​Now that we’ve discussed the importance of your manual, we can go on to talking about the features and the controls. Do take note that you shouldn’t replace your manual with our guide.

​This guide only covers one part of the official manual. We will focus on the features and control settings. Other things like safety guidelines and tips on How to clean Troy Bilt pressure washer can be discussed in other blogs.

​That said, here are the important features and functions you need to know of:

  • ​Spray Gun

​The spray gun is one of the most important parts of a pressure washer. A spray gun controls the water outlay with a trigger and a lock. Once you hit the trigger, you’ll release the water.

  • ​Nozzle

​The nozzle is where you put the spray tip. This is for changing the angle of the water flow.

  • ​Cleaning Tank

​The cleaning tank is where you put in the detergent. When you turn on the pressure washer, it will get the detergent from this tank and go out from the spray gun.

  • ​Fuel Tank

​The fuel tank is where you add the fuel if ever you’re using a gas-powered pressure washer.

  • ​Hose

​A pressure washer has a special type of hose known as a high-pressure hose which can get the strength of a pressure washer. You connect the pressure hose to the water pump and the spray gun.

  • ​Air Filter

​The air filter protects the engine by blocking the debris from going inside.

  • ​Water Inlet

​This is the part that connects the pressure washer to your garden hose.

  • ​Spray Tip

​The spray tip is placed at the top of the nozzle of your pressure washer which comes in various angles. There’s the 0-degree angle, 15-degree angle, and 40-degree angle.

  • ​Oil Dipstick

​This is the part that allows you to check the oil and fill it up

  • ​Engine Starter

​Also known as a recoil starter, this is used for manually getting your engine started

  • ​Switch

​This is known as the engine switch which allows you to turn on and turn off the engine.


​These are some of the important parts that you need to know about should you decide to own your own Troy Bilt pressure washer. Of course, all of this information can be found in your Troy Bilt pressure washer owner’s manual. We just listed it here so it will be much easier for you to access.

​You can use our guide as a supplement to your original manual. It’ll really help to have more than one reference when you need to troubleshoot your pressure washer.

​Make sure that you always have this guide on standby along with your owner’s manual so that you can refer back to them anytime you need to.

​With that said, we hope that you enjoyed reading this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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