Best 1750 PSI 1.3 GPM Electric Pressure Washer Review

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In this guide, we’ll give you a complete review of the 1750 psi 1.3 gpm electric pressure washer and why you should buy it for your home cleaning jobs.

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Dare we say that the pressure washer is one of the most important appliances for any household.


Simply because it is by far the only machine that has the power and the strength to clean off extremely stubborn dirt. Because of its power, it’s not only useful for cleaning homes but also offices and even factories.

That being said, you’re probably asking yourself which pressure washer is the best one to buy. Well, if you were to ask us for the most practical one, we’d probably say it is the Portland 1750 psi 1.3 gpm electric pressure washer. 

In this guide, we’re going to explain why this is one of the best 1750 psi pressure washers out there.

When And Where To Use 1750 PSI Pressure Washers?

Before we go on to the guide, we understand that there are people who have never used a 1750 psi 1.3 gpm electric pressure washer before.

So, where and when can they be used?

First of all, it’s recommended that you use a pressure washer to wash your home probably just once a year for your annual spring cleaning. It’s a pretty hard appliance to use so you don’t need to use it too often. As for offices and plants, you may need to use it more than once a year since there will be more grime and dirt in commercial plants or areas.

As for where to use it, you can use it in both residential and commercial areas. For residential areas, it’s best you use it only on the exterior of the house as not to break and damage anything. You can use it on your roof, yard, pool area, or anywhere in the outer portion of your house.

If you want to use it on commercial spaces, again, use it in the outdoor areas and walls. After all, those are the areas where you’ll find grime and hard-to-remove dirt.

Our Top Pick For Best 1750 PSI 1.3 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

We’ve talked about being able to use a pressure washer for both residential and commercial areas. However, you may be asking yourself, “Is 1750 psi good for a pressure washer?”

Is 1750 PSI good enough for both residential and commercial areas?

Well, this probably depends on how much you want to clean. But if there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that our recommended product can be used for both. Let us introduce you to the Portland Electric pressure washer 1750 psi 1.3 gpm.

The great thing about it is that it combines strength and ease of use. First of all, 1750 PSI with a 1.3 GPM is already pretty good with regard to power. Most standard pressure washers have this kind of power anyway. Aside from that, it is lightweight, meaning it is easy to bring around. It also comes with 4-inch diameter wheels making it even more mobile. Finally, maintenance and servicing are a breeze since Portland 1750 psi electric pressure washer parts are very easy to find.

Anyway, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons so you’ll know exactly what you’re buying:

 Portland 1750 psi 1.3 gpm electric pressure washer



  • 1750 PSI of power for strong pressure and strength
  • 1.3 gallons per minute for full blasts of water
  • Ergonomic and practical design
  • 4-inch smooth diameter wheels
  • Does not release any carbon emissions
  • Comes with motor protection feature


  • Does not have that far of a reach compared to other models
  • Durability isn’t as high since the design isn’t that robust

Final Verdict

Now that you know the details of the Portland 1750 psi 1.3 gpm electric pressure washer, the last question we need to ask ourselves is whether it is actually worth the money or not.

In order to answer that, first you need to ask yourself what you’re going to use it for. For regular sized homes (even the rather big ones), this is definitely enough for annual cleaning. It has a detergent nozzle and has enough strength to get rid of sticky grime, mildew, molds, and other stubborn dirt.

If you’re planning to use it in a plant or manufacturing facility, you might want to double take first. If your plant is big and may have a lot of very stubborn industrial waste sticking to the area, you might need something more robust and with a higher reach. But if you want to clean an office or the outdoor area of an office, we’d say that this pressure washer is definitely more than enough.

We’d probably say that this is a great basic pressure washer that can handle a lot of basic annual cleaning jobs. It might have a problem with industrial jobs. But other than that, we can definitely say that the features are worth the money.

Did our guide help you out? If it did, leave a comment and let us know what you want to read about next!

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