Swansea Cork Ferries

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Things you should know about Swansea Cork Ferries


Due to the implementation of the Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 (Information) order 2002, every passenger is required to provide the following when booking.
• Full names of all passengers travelling.
• Gender
• Nationality
• Date of Birth
• Vehicle Registration number if travelling with a Vehicle

Passengers are advised to have identification ie: Photo ID/Passport.


Always check sailings 24 Hours prior to departure.
Check-in time in the UK is 2 hours prior to departure.
Check-in time in Ireland is 1 hour prior to departure.
Sailing times approximately from Swansea is 10 Hours and Pembroke is 8 Hours.

Your car

Passage cannot be guaranteed when vehicle dimensions are under declared.
Passengers are advised to have a current full driving licence and car registration documents with written authority for use if not in own name. All relevant car insurance documents and Travel insurance documents should be also be carried.
Passengers are advised to check with their broker or insurance company to ensure that they have adequate motor and personal insurance cover during their stay in Ireland.


Vehicles carrying goods for commercial use will be treated as freight.
Unaccompanied cars will be treated as freight.
Vans, which are booked as non-freight vehicles, will be subject to random inspections.

Youth travel

Student fares are valid only on the production of a current Student identity card.
Children under the age of 17 years will not be permitted to travel unless accompanied by an adult.


Sterling and Euro currencies accepted on board ferry.
Cheques can only be cashed on production of a valid passport.
Bureau de Change Facilities are available on board the vessel.


Passengers who require special assistance of any kind should make their request known at the time of booking. On check in at the Port they should identify themselves to port staff.
Mobility Handicapped. Disabled drivers and people with mobility handicaps should, at the time of booking, inform their Travel Agent or Reservations Office who will issue a special car sticker which should be displayed on the car windscreen at the point of embarkation. On check-in at the ferry port they should identify themselves to port staff if assistance is required.


Personal Insurance will be added to holiday bookings unless otherwise requested. When Personal Holiday Insurance is declined Swansea Cork Ferries will require evidence that separate Personal Insurance has been secured for the holiday requested.


Dogs and other domestic pets are not permitted to be kept in cabins and public places.
Kennels are provided and should be booked in advance. Dogs kept in owners cars at their own risk during the voyage.


Cinema on Board and is free of charge.


Onboard electricity set at 110 volts.

Tickets and fares

Deposits are non refundable. Passage will only be guaranteed if in possession of a valid Travel confirmation.
Swansea Cork Ferries reserve the right to levy at its absolute discretion an additional minimum handling charge.
Swansea Cork Ferries reserve the right to adjust fares should external influences make it necessary.
Swansea Cork Ferries reserve the right to refuse a reservation without explanation.

Terms and conditions

Passengers are presumed to have made themselves familiar with the Booking Terms and Conditions plus Conditions of Carriage of Passengers and luggage (including vehicles) contained in this website.

About Us – Swansea Cork Ferries

Swansea Cork Ferries sails between Swansea in South Wales, ideally situated on the M4 motorway, and Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork in Ireland, the Gateway to Kerry, Limerick and Clare.

Travelling the Swansea Cork Ferries route means saving up to 400 miles of tiring driving on a round trip, leaving you within easy reach of all holiday destinations.

Thanks to the convenient sailing times, visitors to Ireland can look forward to arriving first thing in the morning, refreshed after a full nights sleep and wide awake to the beauties and fun a holiday in Ireland offers.

There are a wide range of facilities on board including bars, restaurants, cinema and kiddies playroom..

Most UK sailings depart from Swansea at 9.00pm and arrive in Ringaskiddy, Cork at 7.00am. This allows you sample the restaurants, bars and duty free shop on the Superferry before settling down to a good nights sleep. Rise in time for a hearty breakfast before starting a full days holiday, rested and refreshed. All cabins are ensuite so your comfort is guaranteed.