Yamaha Surface Cleaner 15 Inches Review 2020

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Yamaha surface cleaners are both affordable and effective. If you’re looking for one that’s worth the money, then check out the Yamaha surface cleaner 15.

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Yamaha surface cleaners are recommended for gas pressure washers with up to 3300 pSI level

Yamaha surface cleaners are recommended for gas pressure washers with up to 3300 PSI level

​Yamaha surface cleaners are known to be rugged and can work really well on rough surfaces such as outdoor flooring. If you need something heavy-duty to clean your porch, patio, or backyard floor, then the Yamaha surface cleaner 15 is the product that you need.

​In this Yamaha surface cleaner 15 review, we’ll discuss the various parts of the Yamaha 15 inch surface cleaner and its features. We’ll also list down the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

​Yamaha 15 Inch Surface Cleaner Parts

​Let’s begin this article by listing down some of the more important Yamaha 15 inch surface cleaner parts you’ll find inside. We know that you’ll find a list of parts in the Yamaha surface cleaner manual, but the list won’t have an explanation of each part. That’s why we’d like to give a detailed list of the function of each part.

​Here they are below:

  • ​Rotating Jet Nozzles

​It is the nozzles that can completely scrub out the sticky dirt and grime on rough surfaces.

  • ​Quick Connect Attachment

​The Quick Connect attachment on the top of the surface cleaner is compatible with many various Yamaha pressure washers.

  • ​Metal Shroud

​The metal shroud covers the nozzles. This part ensures that the interior is fully protected so that the surface cleaner can last for a long time.

​As mentioned above, there are many more parts that are listed in the manual. However, these three are the main ones that you should take note of since these are the ones that mainly contribute to the machine’s operations.

​The Best Yamaha Surface Cleaner 15 Inch Review 2020

​Now that we’re done talking about the parts, let’s proceed with our review with what we believe is the best Yamaha pressure washer surface cleaner. 

​Introducing the Yamaha Surface Cleaner -15!

#Yamaha Surface Cleaner 15"

​This is indeed a heavy-duty surface cleaner that is used for rough and uneven surfaces. It is a very powerful cleaner with very fast rotating nozzles. In fact, its rotating nozzles can spin up to 4 times faster than the average surface cleaner nozzle. Combine the power of this appliance with its 15-inch coverage, this is definitely one of the most efficient machines you can find in the market.

​Another great thing about this cleaner is that it is very durable. The nozzles are covered by a metal shroud that protects the interior from any external factors that may damage it. Finally, it has high compatibility with various Yamaha pressure washers of up to 3300 PSI.

Yamaha Surface Cleaner -15

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  • ​Strong rotating nozzles for scrubbing off stubborn dirt
  • ​Compatible with pressure washers of up to 3300 PSI
  • ​Has a 15-inch diameter coverage for covering a lot of area
  • ​Sturdy nozzles ensure a streak-free cleaning
  • ​Attaches easily to various pressure washers
  • ​Heavy-duty design allows it to clean hard pavements without damaging itself


  • ​Easily clogs and may stop spinning
  • ​Rough jets at the bottom of the surface cleaner may damage more delicate flooring

​Yamaha Surface Cleaner Manual And Maintenance

​If you made the decision to buy a Yamaha Surface Cleaner - 15 or maybe already bought one, you need to make sure to take care of it so it’ll stay in tip-top shape for a very long time.

​Here are a few maintenance tips that you may want to remember if you want to own one of these cleaners:

  • ​Clean The Parts Of The Spinner And Jet

​When these parts are dirty, they wear out faster. So, it’s recommended that you take apart your surface cleaner from time to time and clean each part. You can use a cloth to wipe the dirt out so no debris will clog them.

  • ​Lubricate The Interior

​Lubricating the nozzle is an important part of maintenance because it ensures that the spinning blades will rotate at constant speed.

  • ​Replace Parts That Are Worn Out

​While you’re cleaning your parts and lubricating them, that’ll also be the time to check for any worn out parts. If there are parts that are already damaged, might as well replace them.


​Now that you have all the information you need about the Yamaha surface cleaner 15, you can decide if it’s the surface cleaner that you will want for your home or not.

​If it is, then don’t hesitate to place an order for one today! You definitely won’t regret it.

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