Best 1500 PSI Pressure Washer Reviews 2020

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Know which 1500 PSI pressure washer unit offers the most in terms of affordability and functionality. Check out the list and choose the most suitable one for you!

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Choosing the best 1500 PSI electric pressure washer is no easy feat, especially if it’s your first time buying one. Luckily for you, I gathered some relevant information below to help you decide the best unit for your needs. I even included my top six 1500 PSI pressure washer options.

Check them out and see if my top choice suits your requirements:

Quick Look: 4 Best 1500 PSI Pressure Washers

Here is a quick comparison of the best 1500 PSI pressure washers on the list:



Type (PSI x GPM)


Greenworks GPW1501 1500 PSI Pressure Washer

Greenworks GPW1501 1500 PSI Pressure Washer



Power Products USA 1500 PSI The Next Generation Pressure Washer

Power Products USA 1500 PSI The Next Generation Pressure Washer



Realm BY01-HBE 1500 PSI Pressure Washer

Realm BY01-HBE 1500 PSI Pressure Washer



Karcher K2.150 1500 PSI Pressure Washer

Karcher K2.150 1500 PSI Pressure Washer



1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

Below are my top 4 choices for the best 1500 PSI pressure washers:

Greenworks 1500 PSI Pressure Washer Review

#1 Greenworks GPW1501 1500 PSI

There’s no better 1500 PSI pressure washer than the GPW1501 unit by Greenworks. This pressure washer is being offered at a very affordable price but doesn’t fall short in cleaning performance.

This weighs approximately 16 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight 1500 PSI pressure washer options you can find in the market today. This is powered by 13 Amp with 1.2 GPM flow rate. If you just need a machine that can aid your simple home cleaning needs, then this is the best value 1500 PSI pressure washer unit.

Greenworks GPW1501 1500 PSI Pressure Washer



  • This is a lightweight yet compact unit.
  • Available with various add-ons so that you can choose one that suits your cleaning needs.
  • Offers smooth operation
  • With less noise technology, making it best for indoors
  • It’s a very affordable unit.


  • Don’t expect to use it in tough dirt and stains.
  • Not suitable for larger areas
  • Doesn’t have an on-board hose reel

#2 Power Products USA 1500 PSI

The next generation pressure washer is here! Introducing the new 1500 PSI pressure washer by Power Products USA. This is a portable pressure washer that can easily be carried by hand.

This unit has just been launched this 2018, and it has already garnered a lot of attention in the market. This has a total of 1875 wattage, 1500 PSI, and 1.76 GPM, and it does a fantastic job for both light and medium duty cleaning tasks.

Power Products USA 1500 PSI The Next Generation Pressure Washer



  • An all-around 1500 PSI pressure washer unit that can be used for car washing, deck and patio cleaning, as well as tougher cleaning jobs like concrete and sidewalk cleaning.
  • Customer service of the company is superb as reported by other users.
  • You don’t have to worry about unpleasant operation noise. This unit has very low sound level.
  • Has a TSS or Total Stop System for your safety and to extend the pump’s life.
  • Offers smooth operation
  • With money-back guarantee policy
  • Very portable and lightweight
  • This is the best 1500 PSI pressure washer for seniors.
  • Has powerful pressure with brushless technology
  • This has tree times more lifespan than other pressure washers of its kind


  • There is no consistent pressure in the soap dispenser. Sometimes it combines soap and water well; sometimes it doesn’t.
  • It is made of plastic, so be extra cautious when handling the attachments.

#3 Realm BY01-HBE 1500 PSI

Most professionals’ advice is to go for units from well-known brands as they are more reliable, and their products are proven and tested. This is actually true, but this particular pressure washer unit by Realm has been making a buzz online for its affordability and functionality.

This is a lightweight yet compact unit that offers incredible cleaning power of 2,250. To clear any second thought from buying this product, Realm makes sure to back this unit with great features and certifications.

Realm BY01-HBE 1500 PSI Pressure Washer



  • The BY01-HBE 1500 PSI unit is CSA approved, thus it is safe to use even in Canadian standards.
  • It also has a safety feature in the form of TSS or Total Stop System.
  • Very easy to connect and assemble
  • You can use this unit to clean all types of vehicles.
  • This also works great in cleaning sidings, boats, patios, and other surfaces.
  • It is environment-friendly.
  • Helps you save more water and consumes less power.


  • Realm pressure washers, including the 1500 PSI unit, are not compatible with foam cannons from other brands. Just use the foam cannon included in the package.
  • The unit can easily get damaged, especially the trim pieces. Hence, you need to be careful when storing it.

Karcher 1500 PSI Pressure Washer Review

#4 Karcher K2.150 1500 PSI

If you are looking for a 1500 PSI pressure washer unit that can give you both good performance and customer service, then Karcher is a brand that you shouldn’t miss. A lot of companies promise good customer support but only few actually delivers great service. Karcher pressure washer users commend the brand for its warranty and replacement policy, as well as its power washers’ innovative features.

This K2.150 1500 PSI electric pressure washer comes with 20-feet hose and has a flow rate of 1.3 GPM. In addition, this unit can handle various cleaning task and is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Karcher K2.150 1500 PSI Pressure Washer



  • It features a DirtBlaster Spray Wand to help you in cleaning tough dirt and stains up to 50% more than the average pressure washer units in the same PSI level.
  • Great for sidewalk and driveway cleaning
  • The unit’s trigger gun is equipped with a Total Stop System. This means that the machine’s motor will only run once the spray is in use.
  • Moreover, there is a safety lock in the trigger gun, making it safe to use in homes with children around.
  • Karcher offers this pressure washer with 1-year limited warranty.
  • Owners of the unit are also eligible for Rapid Exchange Program, a program that helps you solve any issue with your pressure washer unit.


  • It’s priced higher than other 1500 PSI pressure washer units on this list.
  • Not suitable for larger areas
  • This is made of plastic, so it’s not as durable as I expected.

Campbell Hausfeld Pressure Washer 1500 PSI Review

#5 Campbell Hausfeld PW150100

Campbell Hausfeld is not a newbie in the power tool industries. However, the brand is not particularly popular in the pressure washer product line. If you are an avid buyer of the brand, then you’d be happy to know that PW150100 is Campbell Hausfeld’s entry in 1500 PSI pressure washer category.

Campbell Hausfeld PW150100 1500 PSI Pressure Washer boasts a maximum GPM of 1.75, giving it a total cleaning power of 2,625.

Campbell Hausfeld PW150100 1500 PSI Pressure Washer


Currently unavailable.


  • Suitable for home use and other light-duty cleaning.
  • This unit is ideal for cleaning automobiles and home sidings.
  • You can connect the attachments and accessories easily.
  • Switching accessories between applications is also a piece of cake, thanks to its quick-connect tight connection points.
  • Has a lightweight design
  • With built-in wheels and onboard storage for hose and spray wand.


  • Doesn’t last for a long time
  • Only suitable for smaller cleaning jobs in smaller areas

Top 1500 PSI Power Washer Brands

1. Greenworks

Greenworks is still king when it comes to electric pressure washer for home use, and this includes 1500 PSI units. The brand itself is known for their eco-friendly electric units that don’t emit harmful fumes, making them suitable for indoor use.

Greenworks 1500 PSI pressure washer unit is the usual choice among homeowners who intend to use the pressure washer for home cleaning purposes. To meet the demand of most homeowners even more, Greenworks offer their best-selling 1500 PSI pressure washer, the GPW1501, with various add-ons. The Greenworks GPW1501 is available with the following add-ons:

2. PowRyte

Founded in 1998, PowRyte has earned its name in power tools industry slowly but surely. This brand may have started in Hangzhou, China, but its operations have extended in the US, Europe, Australia, and South America.

If you’re going to do a quick search online, then you’d know that a lot of pressure washer users are raving about the PowRyte’s Elite 1500 PSI pressure washer model. This unit is well-loved by many because it’s a good balance of quantity and quality. With PowRyte’s Elite series, the brand is now known as one of the most cost-effective pressure washer brands.

The PowRyte Elite 1500 PSI pressure washer comes with two add-ons:

  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Extra turbo nozzle

3. Karcher

Karcher is another world-market leader in cleaning technology. This Dutch-owned brand operates worldwide, helping the brand become a household name in high-pressure cleaners.

Just like Greenworks, Karcher is also known to produce home cleaning pressure washer units like its popular Karcher K2.150 model. But what makes Karcher better is that it offers a Rapid-Exchange Program Warranty, which a lot of customers praise a lot. Still, it is important to note that Karcher units are more expensive than Greenworks.

Karcher’s best-selling 1500 PSI unit is best purchased with the following add-ons:

  • Patented DirtBlaster Wand
  • Vario Power Spray Wand
  • Karcher T300 Hard Surface Cleaner

Knowing The Right PSI & GPM

If you’re a complete newbie in terms of using pressure washers, then the terms PSI and GPM might intimidate you. However, these two terms are essential in knowing whether you’ve got the best pressure washer for your needs.

PSI refers to Pressure per Square Inch, which is the amount of pressure from the unit applied to an area of one square inch. GPM, on the other hand, refers to the volume of water that flows out of the machine per minute.

PSI and GPM indicate the pressure and volume respectively. You must have the right combination of the two to get the most ideal pressure washer for your cleaning needs. For instance, pressure alone can damage the machine as there is no mass to move anything. You need volume of water to support the pressure to move dirt and get rid of it for good.

In general, multiplying the PSI and GPM will give you the pressure washer’s cleaning power, and is a great indicator of the pressure washer’s overall performance. In fact, most professionals refer to the machine’s cleaning power when comparing the best value pressure washer for the money.

Get To Know My Top Choice Right Here!

I am quite torn between the Greenworks GPW1501 1500 PSI Pressure Washer and the Power Products USA 1500 PSI The Next Generation Pressure Washer. Both units have their own strengths and downsides. You just have to figure out which unit offers the most benefits to you and to your cleaning needs.

Below is my quick comparison of the two:

  • Affordability

I listed affordability first because most buyers would consult their budget first before deciding to buy a certain pressure washer unit. According to Linkedin, consumers are more inclined to buy cheaper products and is an effective approach to position a product in the market.

Just looking at the price, I have to give Greenworks GPW1501 1500 PSI Pressure Washer this one. The unit is less than $100 as compared to Power Products USA 1500 PSI The Next Generation Pressure Washer that has a price range of $130 to $150.

However, affordability does not only cover the market price of the product. The idea that when a product is being offered at the lowest price is the most affordable is not true at all times. Affordability means offering a product at a correct profitable pricing that still meets the requirements of the consumers. In pressure washer’s case, the requirement is to accomplish the cleaning task that the user intends to do.

With this in mind, you have to identify the tasks you intend to use the pressure washer with first. Only then can you decide which unit offers the most affordable pricing. Greenworks GPW1501 is great for home cleaning and light-duty outdoor jobs. It only has 1.2 GPM and no advanced cleaning technology, so don’t expect this unit to miraculously clean a 10-year old grime from your concrete floor.

Power Products USA 1500 PSI The Next Generation Pressure Washer is a good choice when it comes to handling tougher cleaning tasks. The unit is also much easier to transfer from one place to another. Hence, if you intend to use a pressure washer for outdoors, then this is a good machine to buy.

  • Features/Technology

Another thing that I consider when deciding the best 1500 PSI pressure washer is the feature or technology used in each unit.

Greenworks GPW1501 notable features are GFCI power cord and low noise technology, which are understandable considering the low market price of the product. The Power Products USA 1500 PSI The Next Generation Pressure Washer, on the other hand, boasts its Induction motor, Total Stop System, and low noise technology.

Without much thinking, anyone can see that Power Product USA’s unit has more advanced technologies as compared to Greenworks. This is expected as the unit is priced a bit higher.

So, which 1500 PSI pressure washer machine offers the best value?

My top choice is none other than the Power Products USA 1500 PSI The Next Generation Pressure Washer. I don’t mind paying a few more dollars as long as I get a good performance worthy of the price. If it means getting more features and efficient technologies for my pressure washer, then it’s good. I am just impressed with this unit.


Buying a 1500-PSI pressure washer unit means accepting the fact that you are not to use the light-duty pressure washer machine for commercial purposes and in rigorous cleaning jobs. 1500 PSI pressure washers usually have a flow rate of 1.2 to 1.76 GPM, giving them a cleaning power range of 1,800 to 2,640. Pressure washers in this cleaning power category are best used in home cleaning and light outdoor cleaning.

I hope this article has helped you decide the best 1500 PSI pressure washer for your needs, as well as deciding whether a 1500-PSI unit is really what you need.

Thanks for dropping by, and don’t forget to share this article with friends and help them out as well.

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