Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachments 2019 Reviews

Have a large, flat area to clean but want to do it fast? The best pressure washer surface cleaner is a good solution. Find out the best pick for your money here!

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Many homeowners are buying power tools such as the best pressure washer surface cleaner because they hope to do household chores quickly yet efficiently. Thus, buying a second-rate unit is out of the question.

This article is tailored to give you proper guidance on how to choose the right pressure washer surface cleaner attachment to buy, as well as to appreciate the advantages the pressure washer surface cleaner has to offer.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the details.

Quick Look: 7 Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

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Type (PSI x GPM)


Karcher 3200 PSI Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

Karcher 3200 PSI Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

15-Inches cleaning path; great for flat surfaces (3200 PSI; gas & specific electric units; 3.5 lbs.)

PowerFit PF31023B

PowerFit PF31023B

15-Inches cleaning path; suitable for patios, for sidewalks, driveways, decks (3300 PSI; gas; 4.5 lbs.)

Greenworks 30012

Greenworks 30012

11-Inches cleaning path; best pressure washer for wooden decks, for driveways, and for patios (2000 PSI; electric; 1.8 lbs.)

Simpson Cleaning 80166

SIMPSON Cleaning 15'' 3600 PSI

15-Inches cleaning path; ideal for large surfaces such as driveways and garage floors (3400 PSI; gas; 6.46 lbs.)

Yamaha ACC-31056-00-13

Yamaha ACC-31056-00-18

15-Inches cleaning path; best for large flat surfaces (3300 PSI; gas; 4 lbs.)

PowerStroke EZ Clean AEZ31023

PowerStroke EZ Clean AEZ31023

15-Inches cleaning path; great for driveways and for decks (occasional use) (Suitable to use for pressure washers with 2300 to 3300 PSI; gas & electric; 4.5 lbs)

Generac 6132

Generac 6132

15-Inches cleaning path; for driveways and for sidewalks (3100 PSI; gas; 4.8 lbs.)

Special Application Areas Of Surface Cleaner

After a few years of using their new pressure washer surface cleaner, some people complain about their machine having issues and no longer working properly. However, if you ask them if they have been using the machine the right way and in the recommended areas, they often just give guilty expression.

Yes! the point is pressure washer surface cleaners also have power limitations. That is why professionals highly recommend to know the special application areas wherein you can use the unit accordingly. Of course, you cannot expect a residential unit to function like a pressure washer surface cleaner in a commercial level. The same thing applies, as you cannot use a surface cleaner on your walls.

To guide you, we’ve listed some special application areas of pressure washer surface cleaner.

The best pressure washer surface cleaner can be used in:

  • Cleaning large, flat areas outdoor such as patio and driveways;
  • Removing algae buildup, as well as oil and grease, from decks, trailer floors, pools, boat ramps, and other areas that easily get deposits;
  • Wiping off stubborn stains from concrete floors and other floor surfaces with a smooth covering like asphalt floor; and
  • Yelp
    Sterilizing bathroom floors and saunas.
For wooden decks, use a surface cleaner suitable for pressure washers with 2000 to 2500 psi. This is because high water pressure can leave mark on the wooden surface and may eventually damage it

For wooden decks, use a surface cleaner suitable for pressure washers with 2000 to 2500 psi. This is because high water pressure can leave mark on the wooden surface and may eventually damage it.

The Benefits Of Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

In some pressure washing surface cleaner reviews, you have probably read people discussing whether buying a surface cleaner is worth the money.

“Why would I buy a surface cleaner when I can do all those cleaning tasks with just a pressure washer unit?”

Well, we hate to break it to you that you’ve been missing out on the benefits of using a surface cleaner. If you have a pressure washer but don’t have a surface cleaner yet, here are some benefits you’ve been skipping:

  • visibly more thorough cleanliness;
  • versatility in cleaning almost all floor surfaces;
  • hassle-free and effortless work;
  • Seedling
     considerably lower cost in terms of labor (when hiring a professional);
  • Seedling
    flexibility when handling both hot and cold pressure washer cleaning;
  • Seedling
    universally compatible with most pressure washer brands and models;
  • Seedling
    impressive “hover” or “floating” option, which actually allows you to clean floors without contact; and
  • Seedling
    complete cleaning tasks fast; thus saving you more time to do other duties.

How Does A Surface Cleaner Work

We’ve mentioned earlier that most people’s problems come from the fact that they don’t know where to use the pressure washer surface cleaner. Aside from that concern, people also have difficulties in recognizing how to use surface pressure washer surface cleaner the right way.

So that you’ll know where and how to use this tool, you first need to understand how does a pressure washer surface cleaner work. Doing so will also help you decide whether the tool is suitable for your cleaning needs.

Here is a short getting-to-know section into the operating method of the pressure washer surface cleaner:

  • plus
    What does this imply? This means that using a surface cleaner doubles the spraying power of the water.
  • These spinning nozzles then produce a visibly greater and cleaner path.
  • This pressure washer attachment is compatible with almost all pressure washer brands. Although using a pressure washer helps you clean an area fast and hassle-free; using a surface cleaner can double the result without damaging the surface of the area being cleaned.
  • Make sure to move the surface cleaner in a small circular motion. Do it carefully.
  • plus
    In addition, surface cleaners come with brush skirts that also collect dirty water from the surface. This pressure washer surface cleaner part makes sure that no water residue and droplet is left behind.
  • plus
    If stripes can be seen, try switching off the unit and check the nozzles. Clean them and make sure to unclog to prevent water spray obstructions. Once there is an obstruction in the spraying process, this means some parts of the surface are missed, thus creating the stripes.
  • plus
    Although you can’t really see the splash of water while using the pressure washer surface cleaner, the tool actually produces powerful jets. Hence, clear the path and remove fragile items nearby.

7 Best Power Washer Surface Cleaners Detailed Review

#1 Karcher 3200 PSI

If you intend to use the pressure washer surface cleaner for large, flat areas in your residence, then this is the best value model for you. Hailed as the best flat surface cleaner for pressure washer with up to 3200 PSI, this model cleans flat surfaces four times faster than your average spray nozzles.

It comes with a black plastic cover and boasts a total dimension of 15 x 15 x 6.7 inches. This unit can cover 15-inches path in one go.

Karcher 3200 PSI Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner



  • Its dual spinning nozzles are both professional grade.
  • After cleaning, no stripes and streaks are visible, owing to its ability to maintain the fixed height.
  • This is also great for driveways and patios, given that the surface is more of the flat side.
  • No need to worry about getting wet while using the Karcher 15 in. pressure washer surface cleaner, as this has a flash-free skirt feature.
  • You can also use this model when cleaning certain vertical surfaces like home siding and even garage door.
  • See this surface cleaner in action here.


  • This is compatible with most 3200 psi gas pressure washers but only works with Karcher K1700 and Karcher K2000 electrical units.
  • The nozzles easily get clogged, so regular cleaning is recommended.

#2 PowerFit PF31023B

The PowerFit is considered one of the best pressure washer surface cleaners for sale in the market recently. This is also great for driveways and sidewalks and can clean up to four times faster than its counterpart from other known brands.

This Power Fit pressure washer surface cleaner comes in a black shatterproof plastic casing. The plastic casing is rugged for heavy-duty uses. The product itself has a 15 x 15 x 5.5 inches dimension.

PowerFit PF31023B



  • Clean sidewalks, driveways, patios, and decks efficiently with this pressure washer surface cleaner attachment.
  • This gives an evenly cleaned surface. Plus no streak and stripes.
  • Thorough cleaning is possible, thanks to its 1500 RPM nozzle jet rotation. It uses 2 nozzles, so the cleaning power is also doubled.
  • This is a versatile product that can be used and connected to most pressure washer wands.
  • PowerFit PF31023B surface cleaner also uses a quick-connect coupler.
  • This is very easy to use and a real time-saver attachment.
  • You can expect this to last longer because this is made out of high-quality material.


  • The warranty and replacement services are quite confusing. It’s better to communicate directly to your seller to guarantee the item is covered by warranty services.
  • The plastic casing is heavy-duty, but the other parts such as the brush and skirts are yet to be tested and proven.

#3 Greenworks 30012

Greenworks has been a constant brand in most reviews. The brand is not just known for their eco-friendly products but as well as for offering affordable yet efficient machines and power tool attachments.

This Greenworks pressure washer surface cleaner measures 11.25 x 10.5 x 11.75 inches and is suitable for electric pressure washers. With just an item weight of 1.8 lbs., this is arguably the lightest on the list.

Greenworks 30012



  • This is the most portable pressure washer surface cleaner on the list.
  • Using this attachment is easy, as this is a quick-connect type.
  • You can safely use this product in most electric pressure washers with, more or less, 2000 psi water pressure.
  • This is compatible with pressure washer units from other brands and with all Greenworks pressure washer units.
  • This is the best surface cleaner for pressure washer within the light-duty category.


  • This is NOT a pressure washer wide area surface cleaner since it only has an 11-inches cleaning path.
  • You’ll be disappointed if you expect this product to work at a commercial level. Use this for light-duty tasks only and for areas with sensitive flooring.
  • Since it only covers 11-inches of the surface in one go, it takes more time to complete a task.

#4 Simpson Cleaning 80166

Simpson Cleaning is another trusted brand that offers surface cleaner for pressure washer. Known for their heavy-duty pressure washer units, this Simpson pressure washer surface cleaner also doesn’t disappoint.

With a product dimension of 15 x 7 x 15 inches and 15-Inches surface scrubber, using this surface cleaner attachment helps you cut the cleaning time in half. It has a total item weight of 3.5 lbs.

Simpson Cleaning 80166



  • Simpson is a powerful and reliable brand, thus expect that this Simpson pressure washer surface cleaner is also heavy-duty and cleans efficiently.
  • Remove stubborn dirt, grime, and filth easily, thanks to its high-rotation jets that are also high-pressure.
  • The nozzles are made out of stainless steel and are good for gas pressure washers with up to 3400 psi, making it the best surface cleaner for pressure washer ratings.
  • This is very durable. The body has a powder-coated steel shroud.
  • This fits most gas pressure washers.


  • This is recommended to use for cold water pressure washers only.
  • A lot of users complain about the nozzles suddenly stop spinning.

#5 Yamaha ACC-31056-00-13

This Yamaha pressure washer surface cleaner is often included in pressure washer surface cleaner attachment reviews. And we can understand why. The performance alone is already impressive. This can be easily attached to pressure washer units that have Honda GCV190 engine and a maximum water pressure of 3200 psi.

Yamaha ACC-31056-00-13



  • This ideal to use for large, flat areas, but this also works great on concrete brick pavers.
  • You can connect this surface cleaner to most pressure washer brands, such as Troy Bilt 2500 psi pressure washer.
  • This Honda pressure washer surface cleaner is compatible with gas pressure washers that use Honda engines such as the Honda GCV160 and Honda GCV190.
  • You can use this for up to 10 hours of surface cleaning.
  • No need to hold the product down, Yamaha ACC-31056-00-13 glides like a hovercraft for easy cleaning.
  • It also has nylon bristle brushes. These bristles keep the water from splashing all over. Thus, you will not get drenched while cleaning.


  • This is a bit expensive.
  • Water leakage is an issue with this product.

#6 PowerStroke EZ Clean AEZ31023

The PowerStroke pressure washer surface cleaner, particularly the EZ Clean AEZ31023 model, is a top choice when it comes to time-saving attachment. It offers up to 5 to 10 times cleaning power than most average surface cleaners out there. With a 15-inches cleaning path, this is a great surface cleaner for decks, driveways, and pool sides.

It also uses two nozzles at 1500 RPM rotation each, giving you a streak-free cleaning. This product comes in a vibrant red color.

PowerStroke EZ Clean AEZ31023



  • This is very easy to connect and use.
  • Aside from pool sides, driveways, and decks, you can also use this powerful surface cleaner to clean garage floors with stubborn stains and grease.
  • When it comes to compatibility, you’d be glad to know that you can use this surface cleaner for both electric and gas pressure washers with up to 3300 psi.
  • The red, plastic surface cleaner casing is made from high-quality construction. It can withstand vibration when the product is in use.
  • You can complete tasks faster with its 10x cleaning power.


  • This works best on flat surfaces only. Thus, if your driveway has a few uneven parts, then this model is not the best choice.
  • You can use it to clean decks, but not on wooden decks. This is because the PowerStroke EZ Clean AEZ31023 does work great with wooden surfaces.

#7 Generac 6132

If what you have is a pressure washer from Generac, then you have no better option than getting this Generac pressure washer surface cleaner. With its 15-inches cleaning path, you can boost your power washer's performance with this attachment. It is compatible with pressure washers with a maximum water pressure of 3100 psi.

This product has a total item weight of 4.8 lbs. and has a 2-year service warranty.

Generac 6132



  • This allows you to clean larger areas faster.
  • Its rotating nozzles can spray and clean surfaces in a uniform cleaning path, thus ensuring no stripes and streaks after.
  • The bristles of Generac 6132 are tough yet flexible.
  • Its construction is composed of brass, stainless steel, and heavy-duty plastic.


  • Its sprayer easily gets wobbly after several uses.

Frequently Ask Question

1. What is The Best Surface Cleaner?

The best pressure washer cleaner should have the following qualities:

  • Wide Cleaning Path - The wider the cleaning path, the more work you can do in less time.
  • Universal Compatibility- Buying a surface cleaner that can only be used in 1 or 2 models of power washers isn’t practical. Choose one that is compatible with most pressure washer brands and works best in both electric and gas.
  • Sturdy Construction- Of course, you want your surface cleaner to last longer. Durable products should have a brass quick-connect coupler with a stainless steel body and durable plastic casing.

2. How To Use a Surface Cleaner?

To use your surface cleaner, follow these steps:

  • Connect to your pressure washer.
  • Turn the water source on and make sure to open the valve slightly.
  • Open the trigger gun. The water should then start flowing through the nozzles.

Note: If there is no water coming out of the nozzles or when the spray is not flowy, then clean the nozzles and check if the nozzles are parallel to the spray bar.

  • The surface cleaner is now ready for use.

3. How Can I Avoid Having Circle Marks On The Floor When Using A Surface Cleaner?

The reason for this circular marks is because you did not constantly move the surface cleaner while in use. Not moving the device from a particular spot will leave a mark because of the high water pressure. Move slowly yet constantly.


Pressure washer surface cleaners are a great tool that helps boost the performance of your pressure washer, thus completing your task faster and efficiently. This is particularly useful when cleaning large areas outdoor.

With the best pressure washer surface cleaner presented above, we hope you are able to find the best surface cleaner attachment for your existing pressure washer unit.

For more information about pressure washer attachments, check out the other articles on our site


1. Descriptions and specifications of the products are taken from Max Tool site since it gives comprehensive details of the products.

2. Official sites of the other brands are also utilized, specifically Karcher and Simpson.

3. Greenworks 30012 surface cleaner manual can be found here.

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