Best Stanley Pressure Washer Reviews 2020 (Electric & Gas Units)

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The best Stanley pressure washer ensures that you can totally clean your house from top to bottom. Here are our top picks for the best units from this brand!

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Your house will need to have an overall deep cleaning to take away all the hidden dirt, molds, and other debris in the hard-to-reach areas. The best way to do that is to invest in a really good pressure washer.

If you find yourself having a difficult time choosing which pressure washer brand to buy, then the safest thing to do is to go for well-known brands, such as Stanley. Pressure washer units from Stanley are already proven and tested by a lot of users. Hence, it is easier for you to know what to expect and the cleaning tasks that each unit can supposedly do best. Overall, most homeowners prefer Stanley pressure washers for their quality and durability.

If you are considering of giving Stanley pressure washer a try, then this comprehensive Stanley electric pressure washer review will help you pick the best Stanley Pressure washer for your specific cleaning needs.

Quick Comparison: Best Stanley Pressure Washer



Type (PSI x GPM)


High Powered Foaming Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer

Electric (2150)

Stanley SLP2050 2050 Psi 2-in-1 Electric Pressure Washer

Stanley SLP2050 2050 Psi 2-in-1 Electric Pressure Washer

Electric (2050)

Portable and Lightweight Stanley SHP1600 1600 Psi Electric Pressure Washer

Portable and Lightweight Stanley SHP1600 1600 Psi Electric Pressure Washer

Electric (1600)

Heavy Duty Stanley SHP2000 2000 psi Electric Pressure Washer

Heavy Duty Stanley SHP2000 2000 psi Electric Pressure Washer

Electric (2000)

Stanley SHP1900 1900 psi Electric Pressure Washer

Stanley SHP1900 1900 psi Electric Pressure Washer

Electric (1900)

Stanley FATMAX SXPW3425 3400 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Stanley FATMAX SXPW3425 3400 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Gas (3400)

5 Best Stanley Electric Pressure Washers Today!

#1 High Powered Foaming Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer

Known to be one of the best Stanley pressure washers on the list, it comes with a high pressure foamer feature, allowing the soap to get into the deepest parts of the surface. Aside from that, it is also very strong and precise, allowing you to concentrate the spraying power on specific area.

In terms of durability, I can vouch for this model’s quality. In fact, its hose is not just abrasion proof but also leak proof, as it is made of top grade brass material. Lastly, it comes with a 2-year warranty for defective Stanley pressure washer parts and malfunctions.

High Powered Foaming Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer



  • Comes with a 25-foot abrasion proof pressure house
  • Has an ergonomic gun with pressure control
  • Also comes with a pressure washer wand
  • With 4 nozzles so that you can change the water pressure and strength
  • The foamer creates a lot of foam bubbles for stubborn stains and dirt


  • The soap dispenser is rather heavy and is not built inside the pressure washer.
  • It has a hard time keeping the pressure constantly after long use.

#2 Stanley SLP2050 2050 PSI 2-in-1 Electric Pressure Washer

This Stanley electric pressure washer model is pretty unique in a sense that it comes with a mobile cart. Because of this mobile cart, you can push the pressure washer around easily, as if you’re pushing around a wheelbarrow or a push shopping cart.

Of course, you can also detach the pressure washer from the mobile cart and carry it around with you if you’re traveling. This model has an abrasion proof hose and leak proof connectors . However, it goes the extra mile with its water-saving hose, allowing you to save more water than the usual garden hoses.

Stanley SLP2050 2050 Psi 2-in-1 Electric Pressure Washer



  • Has a PSI of 2050, making it a very powerful Stanley pressure washer for home use
  • Comes with a mobile cart, making it easy for you to push the pressure washer around
  • Accurate and concentrated gun allowing you to focus all the water around one part
  • Has a water-saving feature allowing you to shoot out water with more strength but with less water used
  • The connectors are made of professional grade brass material


  • The detergent dispenser has a difficult time pulling the soap out from the wand.
  • It is a rather heavyweight pressure washer when taken out of the mobile cart.

Stanley 1600 PSI Pressure Washer Review

#3 Portable and Lightweight Stanley SHP1600 1600 Psi Electric Pressure Washer

If you’re looking for a portable electric pressure washer that can be easily transferred by hand, then this Stanley Pressure washer 1600 psi is what you’re looking for.

This is known for its small size and lightweight built. Because of that, you can actually bring it around during your camping trips if you have an RV (recreational vehicle). Just like the previously mentioned Stanley pressure washers, this one has a concentrated water sprayer, allowing you to deep clean outdoor vehicles. It also comes with a variable spray nozzle for you to control the water’s speed and power.

Portable and Lightweight Stanley SHP1600 1600 Psi Electric Pressure Washer



  • Very lightweight and compact design
  • With a washer gun, wand, and 20 foot hose
  • Has a variable turbo nozzle and a 14 ounce detergent tank.
  • Water-saving 1.3 GPM flow rate
  • Assembly is fast and easy— perfect for first-time users


  • It has a low PSI of 1600.
  • The plug doesn’t usually fit standard sized outlets.

Stanley 2000 PSI Pressure Washer Review

#4 Heavy Duty Stanley SHP2000 2000 psi Electric Pressure Washer

This heavy-duty electric pressure washer is an all around pressure washer that combines the features of the previously mentioned pressure washers on the list, making it one of the best Stanley pressure washers in this review.

First off, it has a PSI of 2000, which is quite powerful for a standard electric pressure washer. Aside from that, it has a lot of cool features to boot as well. It has a hose reel, which allows you to recall and roll up the hose when you’re done. Furthermore, it has its own built-in detergent tank— something that a lot of pressure washers don’t have (most have a detachable one that you need to take out when you refill). Lastly, it features a leak proof connections and an abrasion proof hose, much like the other pressure washers that we’ve mentioned above.

Heavy Duty Stanley SHP2000 2000 psi Electric Pressure Washer



  • Has enough pressure to tackle medium-duty cleaning tasks, such as patio and driveway cleaning
  • With a hose reel for easier hose storage
  • Is leak proof with a durable hose connector.
  • Has a laser focused spraying power.
  • Comes with a 25-degree nozzle.


  • It uses individual nozzles that you have to install if you want to adjust the water pressure.

#5 Stanley SHP1900 1900 psi Electric Pressure Washer

This Stanley Pressure Washer is actually very similar to the SPH2000 model with the only difference being that it uses 1900 PSI instead of 2000 PSI. While the previously mentioned one is good for cleaning houses and villas, this one is great for cleaning condo units and apartments (also vehicles like cars or vans).

It is still quite powerful with 1900 PSI and has a very soft and flexible hose. Unlike most garden hoses, this one doesn’t kink even when you lay it on the ground. This feature allows you easier use of the pressure washer, as well as easier storage.

Stanley SHP1900 1900 psi Electric Pressure Washer


The Best Stanley Gas Pressure Washer

Stanley FATMAX SXPW3425 3400 PSI Gas Powered

Electric pressure washers are usually preferred by homeowners because gas-powered pressure washers often use too much oil or gas, making them more demanding of resources. However, the Stanley FATMAX pressure washer is one that can provide you with a lot of power but with low energy consumption.

It contains a special Stanley engine that has a low oil shutdown and uses a very powerful horizontal axial cam pump. It’s also got a very durable steel body that doesn’t rust or corrode easily. Other than that, it also comes with a pushcart design, allowing you to move it around pretty easily.

Stanley FATMAX SXPW3425 3400 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer



  • With a special Stanley engine that has low consumption of gas
  • Has a low maintenance OEM Technologies axial cam pump
  • Powdered coated steel frame
  • Comes with a powerful spray gun with an adjustable pressure
  • Has four spray nozzles to change pressure strength
  • Very robust frame, making it extremely sturdy and also enabling it to have a long shelf life
  • Comes with a full Stanley pressure washer manual for instructions


  • It’s pretty bulky and a little bit heavy.
  • You have to release the water at low pressure before you can turn it to high pressure.

Stanley Pressure Washer Brand

If you’re pretty new to pressure washing, you might probably ask why Stanley is the brand of choice but not any other brand in the market. Well, Stanley is one of the most reputable power tool manufacturing brands in the country, being a market leader ever since 1843.

They’re known for creating some of the most powerful pressure washers that are complete with innovative features unique to their brand. Due to their innovation, many customers choose Stanley pressure washers over other brands any day.

  • Why Do I See Stanley Logo On Other Brands?

As mentioned above, Stanley is one of the most well-loved brands in the pressure washer market. In fact, many other pressure washer manufacturers use the Stanley logo when promoting some of their products. What these manufacturers would do is to pay Stanley Black & Decker for the use of the Stanley logo and color scheme.

These manufacturers believe that putting a Stanley logo will boost their products’ credibility simply because the Stanley logo is there. This actually does make sense because Stanley is a very credible brand. By associating their product with the Stanley name, the product instantly also becomes credible.

That just shows us how powerful the Stanley brand is. It also tells us that Stanley is a very powerful player in the market with a lot of influence. If other manufacturers want to use the Stanley logo on their products, it definitely must mean that Stanley is a big shot name.

  • What Do People Have To Say About Stanley?

If you check most Stanley Pressure washer reviews on the internet, you’ll see that a lot of people love the Stanley models - both gas pressure washers and electric pressure washers alike. You’ll also find a lot of reviews that rate the Best Stanley Pressure washer models with a long list of pros. We can say that Stanley is definitely well-loved by the average consumer.

For this reason, it is indeed understandable why a lot of customers would love to know more about Stanley Pressure Washer. Luckily for you, I’ve done my own research and accumulate relevant information that will help you choose the best Stanley pressure washer suitable for your intended cleaning task.

Important Features Of Stanley Pressure Washers

These features are what a lot of customers love about the Stanley Pressure Washer, namely axial cam pump, abrasion resistant hose, pressure control, and powerful engine.

  • Axial Cam Pump

If you check out the reviews below, you’ll notice that a vast majority of the Best Stanley Pressure Washers use an axial cam pump, either horizontal or vertical. The great thing about axial cam pumps is that they can give a higher PSI, which means a higher pressure. These pumps also have a bigger oil reservoir and have a long lifespan— longer than other types of pumps except the triplex plunger pump, which is the highest quality pump for gas pressure washers.

  • Abrasion Resistant Hose

You’ll find that the hose used by most Stanley pressure washers is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. This is because it is a poly braided abrasion resistant pressure hose specially made of tough material to take the pressure from the water.

  • Pressure Control Feature

All the pressure washer models from Stanley come with an ergonomic water sprayer nozzle that has a pressure control feature. This allows you to control the water spray, depending on how much power you need for the task at hand. You can spray with very strong pressure or even spray softly by adjusting the pressure control setting.

  • Powerful Engine

All the Stanley models are made with powerful engines. This is how they try to distinguish themselves from other competitors. Most of them have Kohler engines, which are known to be vastly durable and very powerful. One example would be the Fatmax Gas Pressure Washer which happens to be one of the strongest on the list and also one of the Best Stanley Pressure Washers I have come across. I’ll talk more about this model later on.

Stanley Pressure Washer Warranty Guidelines

Just like all the Stanley pressure washer models, there is a warranty available just in case some of the parts are not working well (such as the engine or the pump). You can replace those parts or replace the whole machine itself, depending on the condition and situation.

Of course, there are guidelines that you have to follow if you want to avail of the warranty. Here are a few guidelines to take note of:

  • Your product has to be registered at product-registration in 4 weeks from when you bought it.
  • Your product malfunctions even when you follow all the instructions when it comes to product usage (misuse or mishandling does not make you eligible to have the warranty).
  • You must not make any repairs or allow any people other than the brand’s authorized staff to try to repair it. 
  • plus
    You must make sure to return all products complete with its original parts and accessories. 
  • plus
    You must show proof of purchase (invoice or receipt). 
  • plus
    The product has to be CE marked.

If you register the product with the Stanley tools website, you get the 3-year guarantee. If you don’t, you still get the 1-year guarantee. All the other general guidelines apply.

What To Do If Water Doesn’t Come Out From Your Stanley Pressure Washer

When this happens, the usual causes would be a problem with water flow. In order to check this, you have to check where the water is being blocked. You can do this in the following steps:

  • Take out the lance and push the trigger a little bit. If water comes out, then it means the blockage is in that area. Clean the area thoroughly and try to make it work again. If you try again, and it still doesn’t work, you may need to buy a new lance.
  • Check the spray gun by first taking it out and turning the pressure washer on at full power. If water comes out, then the spray gun is most likely the problem. To fix it, you just have to take the spray gun out then reinstall it again. Fiddle with the trigger a bit and water should come out of the spray gun. If that still doesn’t work, you may need to buy a new spray gun.
  • After checking the lance and the spray gun and it still doesn’t work, then the problem might be the hose. One of the main problems when it comes to water flow is a clogged up hose. There could be something in the middle of the hose preventing the water from coming out.
  • To test if the hose really has a problem, try attaching another garden hose to your pressure washer. If water starts to come out, then there’s likely something inside your existing pressure washer hose that needs unclogging. Flush out the dirt or the build-up that clog up the hose until the water starts coming out again.


If you want to thoroughly clean your house, family vehicles, or your porch, you’ll need a reliable Stanley pressure washer to do the job. We’ve provided 6 best models for your preference. Out of the 6 choices, we’d have to say that the best Stanley pressure washer for total cleaning would be the Stanley Fatmax Gas powered pressure washer.

This is the ultimate choice, especially if you intend to do medium to tough cleaning duties at home. While it does use gas and is a bit expensive, it is extremely powerful and very easy to use. It has great features, enabling you to remove stubborn dirt without breaking a sweat.

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