Best 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Reviews 2020

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If you have a hard time deciding which pressure washer to buy, then just go for something in between. And that would be the best 3000 PSI pressure washer!

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Sometimes, we just can’t decide which pressure washer type to buy: electric or gas? Also, we need to decide which PSI level to choose.

If you have a hard time choosing the best pressure washer for you, the best move is to find a unit that is versatile and multi-functional.

Here’s the good news!

There are actually a lot of pressure washer options in the market today which can be used in various cleaning applications. So, whether you are looking for a cleaner that is gentle enough for washing cars or you want a powerful unit to handle stubborn dirt and grime, the best 3000 PSI electric and gas pressure washers are excellent cleaners to start with.

The Comparison Table: 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Reviews

Check Out The Comparison Table Below For A Quick Run Through Of The Best Units On The List!



Type & PSI


Simpson Cleaning MS60763 MegaShot 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Cleaning MS60763

Gas 3000

Yamaha 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Yamaha 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Gas 3000

Powerstroke PS80544B 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Powerstroke PS80544B

Gas 3000

Powerstroke PS80544B 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

DEWALT Commercial 320

Gas 3200

Powerstroke PS80544B 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Karcher G3000X

Gas 3000

Powerstroke PS80544B 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Generac OneWash

Gas 3100

3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer (6 Best Value)

Want to know your best options for 3000 psi gas pressure washer? Check them out below:

Simpson 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Review

#1 Simpson Cleaning MS60763 MegaShot 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

If you want a heavy duty 3000 psi pressure washer, then Simpson Cleaning is a brand that you should definitely consider.

The MegaShot 3000 psi from the Simpson Cleaning brand is a great choice for 3000 psi gas category.

This makes use of a KOHLER engine that produces a maximum cleaning power of 7,200 CUs. Well, that is because of its 300 psi and 2.4 GPM flow rate.

Simpson Cleaning MS60763 MegaShot 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Cleaning MS60763 MegaShot. Via:


  • The KOHLER RH265 engine os this unit is ideal for residential cleaning, whether for decks, patios, driveways, etc.
  • The unit is built with a steel frame which has two functions, protect the engine from impact during operation and to allow easy carriage of the unit.
  • Comes with 12-inches wheels that never go flat.
  • If you are wondering about the unit’s pump, this has an axial cam pump. Triplex and axial cam pump are two best pump types for pressure washers.
  • The pump is also easy to maintain, thanks to its OEM technologies.
  • It has M22 connections that are kick-free and abrasion resistant.
  • The pressure washer hose that comes with the cleaner is non-marring and really flexible.


  • This is really huge and bulky.
  • You can tell that it takes up so much storage space.

#2 Yamaha 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Yamaha 3000 psi gas pressure washer is also a powerful gas cleaner but with a more compact and lightweight design as compared to the Simpson MS60763 MegaShot machine.

Want a more compact yet heavy-duty gas 3000 psi pressure washer?

This is the best pressure washer for you!

Powered by 3000 psi and an impressive 2.8 GPM flow rate, you’ll have a maximum cleaning power of 8,4000 CUs. Isn’t that amazing?

Yamaha 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Yamaha 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer. Via:


  • The Yamaha 3000 psi power washer has a massive fuel tank. This means you can use the unit for hours without interruption.
  • The 3000 psi power washer pump of this unit is the dependable CAT pump. CAT pumps are known to be the pump of choice by most industrial cleaning applications.
  • Users of this cleaner said the unit is really durable and very powerful.
  • Comes with an adjustable spray wand that allows you to manage the flow of the water to your cleaning needs.
  • Its tires are solid and durable, perfect for uneven terrains.
  • With a 50-feet pressure washer hose, so you can clean more areas


  • This one is priced a bit higher than most 3000 psi gas pressure washers.
  • The warranty of this product is a bit confusing. Please make sure to check with the seller first. Others say the seller shoulders the warranty while others say its the Yamaha dealership that is responsible for the engine warranty.

#3 Powerstroke PS80544B 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

A versatile 3000 psi pressure washer cleaner is what Powerstroke PS80544B is known for. It’s a great power cleaner for residential purposes that is equipped with great features.

It is powered by 3000 psi and 2.5 GPM flow rate. Moreover, it has a compact and modern design that a lot of people seems to love.

Powerstroke PS80544B 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Powerstroke PS80544B. Via:


  • It has a reliable 212cc OHV engine that produces a strong water pressure. The high pressure easily gets rid of stubborn dirt, mildew, and grime.
  • The detergent tank of this machine can hold up to one gallon of detergent.
  • With excellence in mind, the manufacturer of this unit made sure to use 12-inches flat-free wheels. The wheels also have great traction for slope and uneven surfaces.
  • Comes with a pressure washer hose, trigger gun, and wand.
  • Nozzle attachments? Sure, this one includes 4 pro-style spray nozzles that are ideal for various cleaning applications.


  • Assembly of this machine may be a bit difficult for first-time users.
  • You must be careful when filling the oil to avoid making a mess.

DEWALT 3000 PSI Pressure Washer (or 3200 PSI)

#4 DEWALT Commercial Pressure Washer 320

Most people who seek a commercial 3000 PSI pressure washer usually go for a well-known and a trusted brand. Dewalt is one of the reliable pressure washer brands you find in the market that offers a wide range of units.

One of the best-selling Dewalt Pressure Washers is the 320 Commercial model. This is a 3200-PSI power washer machine with high performance and maximum water pressure.

Dewalt 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Or 3200 PSI Pressure Washer

DEWALT Commercial Pressure Washer 320. Via:

Best Features:

  • The best Dewalt pressure washer for driveways, vinyl sidings, RV cleaning, and sports equipment cleaning.
  • Produces high-pressure water at 2.8 gallons per minute
  • Can be used both in residential and commercial uses
  • check
    A bit heavy than the lightweight models but portable enough to transport
  • check
    With Honda engine
  • check
    Uses USA CAT pump

Karcher Pressure Washer 3000 PSI

#5 Karcher G3000X Gas Pressure Washer, 3000 PSI, 2.4 GPM

This amazing gas pressure washer is a popular unit from Karcher. Known for being robust and powerful, the Karcher G3000X is the ideal power washer to use if you seek easy cleaning with reliable performance with 2.4 GPM water flow.

People love the unit’s look and features that really make cleaning tasks as easy as 1-2-3. If you are curious as to what makes this a great choice, check the best features below.

Karcher Pressure Washer 3000 PSI

Karcher G3000X Gas Pressure Washer. Via:

Best Features:

  • Specially built for strong cleaning and maximum performance
  • With TruPRESSURE at 3000 PSI that allows you to get the highest cleaning power
  • With a half-gallon detergent tank that can be removed
  • check
    Impressive steel frame design that also protects the engine from shock
  • check
    Has all the needed accessory for storage
  • check
    With standard M22 hose connections

Generac 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

#6 Generac OneWash 3,100 PSI 70191 Pressure Washer

Another great option for 3000 to 3200 PSI pressure washer category is the Generac OneWash 3100 PSI. This is a well-loved pressure washer unit because of its ergonomic design, thus allowing you to complete your cleaning tasks with ease and no back pain.

If convenience and performance are what you need from your pressure washer, then we highly recommend this model for you.

Generac 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

Generac OneWash 3,100 PSI. Via:

Best Features:

  • Suitable for car washing, wood, and concrete surfaces
  • Has a Power Dial that lets you adjust the pressure depending on the surface or object
  • Uses an axial cam pump which is designed for tough cleaning
  • check
    Includes a detergent tank for soap washing
  • check
    Hassle-free and easy to operate

Ryobi 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

If you haven’t known yet, Ryobi 3000 PSI power washer has been one of the talks of the town lately. This is because Ryobi claimed that this product is the result of 50-hour research in which the pressure washer is tested in various cleaning applications.

This is a gas-powered washer with a Honda engine; thus, it matches well with any heavy-duty jobs you have at home. Some of its noticeable upgrades include heavier weight (due to the engine), oversize wheels so that it Hs more traction while in use, and a longer hose of 35-feet, which is 40% longer than the other Ryobi pressure washer models. See update here.

The Verdict

So, which 3000 psi pressure washer is the best option?

Well, the answer is actually subjective. It depends on your cleaning needs. If you need more power, go for the 3000 psi gas pressure washer. And the best choice for me is the Simpson Cleaning MS60763 MegaShot. Yes, it’s bulky but the power and efficiency it offers are unmatched.

On the other hand, for the best 3000 psi electric pressure washer, I’d recommend the Rendio 3000 psi electric pressure washer​. This is the hottest 3000 psi cleaners at the moment. It’s compact yet powerful and easy to use.

Hope you find this article helpful. If you still haven’t found the best pressure washer for you, click here to find the best pressure washer that matches your requirements.

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