Orbis Design

ORBIS – Beautiful Homes

Focused on the ideals of beauty, sustainability and quality, OrbisDesign.com.au is an Architectural Building Design and Development company based in Sydney’s Surry Hills and under the direction of Swiss owner Chris Kreis.

Embodying Swiss innovation and precision, since 2006 ORBIS is dedicated to perfection, while delivering sophisticated interiors and cohesive design.

Our qualified and experienced team begin each project by gaining an in-depth understanding of your expectations. This client-centric approach allows us to deliver functional residential homes with a high level of innovative design and quality finishes for home owners.

Our technical design solutions offer you the opportunity to view your home before construction begins using our highly developed virtual 3D models. This integrated approach ensures your project meets your expectations, is on time and budget and creates environmentally conscious, energy efficient and functional homes.

Our Swiss background ensures a precision and attention to detail that’s second to none.

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