Best Cordless Steam Mop 2019

Cordless steam mops make cleaning chores easy to accomplish. For you to decide which is the Best Cordless Steam Mop, we provided 5 best selling products online. These facts are based on customers’ reviews and our actual product testing.





Bissell Spinwave Cordless Hard Mop, Wood Floor Cleaner and Buffer

Bissell Spinwave Cordless Hard Mop, Wood Floor Cleaner and Buffer


Gladwell Cordless Rechargeable Electric Mop

Gladwell Cordless Rechargeable Electric Mop


3 In 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Mop

Mr. Siga 3 In 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Mop


Homitt Electric Spin Mop

Homitt Electric Spin Mop


Nellie's Wow Mop Cordless, Light-Weight and Rechargeable

Nellie's Wow Mop- Cordless, Light-Weight and Rechargeable


How To Choose The Right Cordless Steam Mop

The following are the factors you should keep in mind when looking for the right cordless steam mop for your home:

Dirt Killer

All cordless steam mops are capable of cleaning dirt, but it’s important to choose the best one that eliminates dirt the most efficient way. Your chosen steam mop should really be the real deal when it comes to getting rid of dirt. 

One Fits All

It is important to choose a cordless steam mop that will suit any type of flooring. This is to maximize the use of the product. By doing this, you’ll save money instead of buying different ones for different surface types. 

Easy to Clean

The cleaning materials we use to clean our home need to be neat and tidy as well. You don’t want to spread the germs and dirt all over your place, do you? 

Cord Ease

This is why cordless steam mops hit the top of the list of most buyers. It works better because when you move all over the house, you don’t have to deal with the long cord that gets easily stuck.

Top 5 Best Cordless Steam Mops 

Below is a list of our top 5 picks for the best cordless steam mops:

Bissell Spinwave Cordless Hard Mop, Wood Floor Cleaner and Buffer

Bissell Spinwave Cordless Hard Mop, Wood Floor Cleaner and Buffer. Via: Amazon

This cordless steam mop can clean and mop your hard floors. The cleaning path width is 14 inches, and this type is good for wood floors as well. This is considered powerful as it extremely spins to scrub the floor you. With a lithium ion battery of 18V, it will provide a good cleaning experience of up to 20 – 35 minutes. Without any doubt, it can totally remove 99.9% of bacteria.

Gladwell Cordless Rechargeable Electric Mop – Floor Cleaner

Gladwell Cordless Rechargeable Electric Mop – Floor Cleaner. Via: Amazon

This dual mop head rotator can effectively clean dirt, stains, and any unwanted substances because it is customised with microfiber bristles. If you need more time in cleaning, this could be what you are looking for as it has long lasting battery. The Li-ion battery will make sure that your cleaning experience won’t be uninterrupted. 

It works best on all surfaces. It includes woods, tiles, marbles, stones, vinyl, grout, laminated flooring, and carpets.

Other Specifications:

  • Rechargeable
  • Adjustable
  • 180-degree rotation
  • 1-year warranty
3 in 1 Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner Mop

3 in 1 Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner Mop. Via:

This easy-to-use steam mop is light as 2.86 lbs. It is flexible to carry. It works well without the hassle of a cord because it’s cordless. It is equipped with a high-performance lithium battery of 2500 mAh. The rechargeable battery is built-in and can provide up to 25 to 30 minutes runtime. However, it will take 2 to 3 hours to be fully charged. 

Ideally, this steam mop is best for light-duty cleaning tasks around the house. It works multi-purpose as you can use it as a vacuum and a mop at the same time. It makes home cleaning time-saving and cost-effective. 

It comes with a washable microfiber cloth. It’s easy to clean and to use on a daily basis. 

Other Specifications:

  • With detachable dust collector and filter.
  • Ergonomic long handle.
  • It has a brush head.
  • Can be used to clean shelves, ceilings, and cars.

Homitt Electric Spin Mop Cordless Floor Mop

Homitt Electric Spin Mop

Homitt Electric Spin Mop. Via: Amazon

It’s a powerful floor scrubber spray map. It comes with an adjustable handle and 4 replaceable microfiber mop pad that is good for cleaning hardwood floor and even tiles.

For moist mopping, it is customized with a 300 ml water tank and the good side of it is you don’t need to add additional cleaning tools to this machine. You are free to choose and add detergents or essential oil according to you own preference. 

It is super lightweight as it only weighs 2.84 lbs. It’s equipped with a wireless electric spin mop that is flexible in any distance. The length is adjustable, making it extra convenient. No worries because it comes with an extendable rod at the middle part to meet your preference and needs.

Nellie’s Wow Mop- Cordless, Light-Weight and Rechargeable

Nellie’s Wow Mop- Cordless, Light-Weight and Rechargeable. Via: Amazon

If you have pets at home, then you might consider this amazing steam mop. It is cordless, and it could save you from a disaster brought to you by your pets at home. You won’t hurt your back as it fits to reach spaces without too much bending. Running time is 55 minutes and sometimes over an hour.

Other Specifications:

  • Charge time: 3-5 hours
  • Oscillation/vibration rate: 1000 cycles per minute
  • Cleaner reservoir (tank): 200mL/6.7fl oz
  • Headlamps: 2 small lights on the front of the machine to help you see under furniture
  • Battery / Charge lights: 3 lights that make it easy to see how much battery you have and if it is charging/full
  • Box size: 15.375 in. x 13.375 in. x 4.625 inMachine size: 46.375 in. x 11.5 in. x 13.5 in
  • Machine weight: 5.2 lbs

Handle range of motion:

  • Mop turns off in upright position
  • Front to back: ~90°
  • Side-to-side: ~100° (~40° each direction)


As customers, we need reliable sources to determine the best product we can purchase online. Whether you’re looking for pressure washer surface cleaner reviews or cordless steam mop reviews, the web is filled with great insights for you. And we can’t deny how helpful reviews like this are. We hope that this collated reviews helped you to decide which among your prospective models gives the best bang for the buck. The bottom line is to go for the product that meets both your needs and budget.

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