Shane Plazibat Architects is a one stop shop for those in the electric power washing industry. We offer a full line of hot and cold water pressure washers including power washer trailer packages. We offer a complete selection of detergents for all aspects of power washing including truck washing, kitchen exhaust cleaning, flat work, wood restoration, awning cleaning and more.

Shane Plazibat Architects
Shane Plazibat Architects

Established in 2004, shane plazibat architects is a boutique architectural practice specialising in private residences, apartment and commercial buildings, mixed use developments and master planning works.

We offer an integrated design approach revolving around the built environment encompassing architecture, interior design and master planning.

Our designs strive for a celebration of materials, space, light and structural order that have the ability to positively affect the human spirit.

Each project is approached as being unique, with an understanding of program, site, climate, budget, authorities and end users being considered.

We derive our inspiration from contemporary culture with investigation and practice combining to create humane and desirable places to inhabit.

Shane Plazibat Architects have received numerous awards for excellence in design and is an a+ member of the australian institute of architects.

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