Bissell Spinwave Cordless Hard Floor Mop Reviews

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Looking for a good Bissell Spinwave cordless hard floor mop? Check out our review for our top pick and explanation of why you should use this mop for hard floors.

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For deep cleaning, Spinwave hard floor mop is efficient in removing dirt, mildew, molds, and stubborn stains

For deep cleaning, Spinwave hard floor mop is efficient in removing dirt, mildew, molds, and stubborn stains

​For those who don’t know, Spinwave is a brand that produces some of the best electric mops that have some of the most awesome features. If you’re planning on buying a Spinwave mop, then may we suggest that you buy the best Bissell Spinwave cordless hard floor mop.

​This is the best mop for hard and decorative floors. It is strong enough to take out stubborn dirt but not rough enough to damage floors. For us, the best one is the Bissell Spinwave Hardwood mop.

​Why Use Bissell Spinwave Mop Cleaner For Hard Floors?

​With all the brands of electric mops out there, you may be wondering why we are strongly recommending the Bissell spinwave hard floor mop. That’s pretty much because the Bissell spinwave mop has a bunch of features that are specially designed for hard floors.

​You see, hard flooring isn’t that easy to clean. You need to be extra careful with these types of flooring because you won’t want any rough mops to ruin the texture and quality of the wood. That’s why there is a special type of mop needed to take out the grime from without scratching the floor.

​Here are few of the main features that the Bissell spinwave powered hard floor mop has:

  • ​​Comes with a moisture control system to control how much water is used​
  • Has soft touchpads that will ensure that the floor won’t be damaged​
  • Rotating spray mop that can helpfully remove any sticky dirt​
  • Detergent and solution tank that holds a lot of detergents inside​
  • Comes with a swivel steering head for easy moving​
  • Includes two kinds of mopping pads for two types of floors

​The Best Bissell Spinwave Cordless Hard Floor Mop Review

​Now that we’ve discussed a few interesting things about the Bissell spinwave powered hardwood floor mop and cleaner, now we can move on to our favorite Bissell Spinwave mop and cleaner.

​Introducing the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green Spinwave!

​This one, in particular, has a bunch of really cool features that are much more improved than other older models of the Bissell Spinwave hard floor mop. So without further introduction, let’s go on to the details of the mop.

#​BISSELL Green Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

​This is one of the strongest mops that you can find in the market. First of all, it comes with very gentle soft touchpads that are great for hardwood floors but are also ideal for sticky messes.

First of all, the soft touchpads are so gentle that they brush on your wooden floor without even making a light scratch. If you happen to have decorative wood flooring, then you’ll definitely appreciate this kind of mop in your home.

But don’t think that the touchpads are weak and not sturdy just because they’re soft and gentle. These touchpads are actually quite tough and can take out sticky grime. If you always happen to have grease, grime, or sticky debris on your floor, this is the perfect mop to have.

​However, what really makes this mop unique as compared to other Bissell Spinwave mops is its power. It has a power rating of 0.9 amperes, making it one of the stronger models in its product line. Aside from just power, it also has a really big water tank capacity of 28 ounces.

BISSELL Green Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner



  • ​Has an ampere rating of 0.9 amperes
  • ​Comes with a 28-ounce water tank capacity
  • ​Includes soft but tough pads that don’t damage wood floors but also cleanses messes
  • ​Strong power spinning for total cleaning
  • ​Has a demand spray that’s extremely easy to use
  • ​Package includes a special cleaning formula
  • ​Swivel steering head which makes it easy for you to maneuver
  • ​Beautiful, light green color


  • ​Tends to make some unwanted noise
  • ​Doesn’t come with a steamer


​Bissell Spinwave cordless hard floor mops are definitely one of the best types of mops in the business- especially our favorite product the BISSELL Green Spinwave Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner.

​So, if you happened to be convinced to get yourself one, then buy the Green Spinwave for your home. You will definitely enjoy cleaning with it and you’ll have such an easy time getting dirt out of the way.

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