Best Powerhouse International Pressure Washer Review

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​If you are looking for a versatile cleaner, then Powerhouse International Pressure Washer is for you. We’ve compiled the pros and cons of this machine below!

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​While updating our list of best electric pressure washer for 2020, we made sure to include the Powerhouse International Pressure Washer on our roundup list of the best pressure washer options.

​If you want to check out our other highly recommended electric pressure washer machines, you may click HERE, but if you want to find out the reasons why we are so impressed with this power washer, then read on!

The ultimate electric pressure washer you don’t want to miss!

The ultimate electric pressure washer you don’t want to miss!

​Important Specs Of Powerhouse International Electric Pressure Washer

​If you are interested in buying this pressure washer, you should be familiar with its notable specs as listed below:


​Powerhouse International Platinum Edition

​PSI level:    

​3000 PSI maximum

​Flow rate:

​2.2 GPM maximum

​Cleaning Power:

​6,600 CU (medium-duty)


​Brush Motor (electric-powered)


​Quiet and with Auto-Stop Feature

​Pressure washer hose:


​Cord Length:    



​0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, and wateringnozzle

​Powerhouse International Pressure Washer Review (Comprehensive And Honest Feedback)

#​Powerhouse International 3000 PSI Platinum Edition Electric Pressure Washer

​This is a platinum edition of the previous 3000 PSI model with specific feature upgrades. It is a medium-duty pressure washer cleaner with cleaning power of 6,600 CU.

The body of this power washer is a bit bulky to look at, but it is surprisingly light enough to move around. The purpose of its heavier appearance is the amount of power the machine can produce during cleaning operations. It is packed with a high-grade brush motor that is comparable to a gas pressure washer.

Many buyers also think that it looks attractive than any other pressure washers. With its distinct red and black combination, one can easily distinguish that it is from Powerhouse International.

​Now, let’s get to know this power washer in detail as we discuss the pros and cons of using it:

Powerhouse International 3000 PSI Platinum Edition Electric Pressure Washer



  • ​​This is a durable and high-quality electric pressure washer that can withstand heavy-duty cleaning on occasional use.​
  • ​All of the attachments included in the package are locked in place and secured with well-fitted connectors.
  •  It is equipped with a brush motor that automatically shuts off when the pressure washer trigger is not in use. This avoids accidents and lets you save water in the long run.
  • ​Packed with the must-have pressure washer attachments like a surface cleaner, nozzles, foam sprayer, and others
  • ​Its handle is foldable so that you can store this easily in your cleaning equipment storage.
  • ​You can expect to use it without minimal interruptions and less impact vibration, thanks to its stable design.
  • ​Makes use of caster wheels that are easily locked when you want the machine to stay in place
  • ​Has one os the best cleaning power in the electric pressure washer category, 6,600 CU is powerful enough to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt
  • ​With flexible washer hose which is easy to curl without damage and breakage
  • ​Has a reliable foam sprayer, perfect for soap washing such as that in car washing
  • ​Includes a universal spray gun with two lances made from stainless steel
  • ​Lances fit most pressure washer attachments
  • ​Also has 5 quick-connect nozzle attachments, including pencil-point and soap foam nozzles
  • ​This is suitable for floor cleaning, car washing, garage driveway, patios, and fences cleaning.


  • ​It does not have a built-in detergent tank, which is really helpful in certain cleaning tasks.
  • ​Some users reported that the trigger gun is a bit stiff and a bit too hard to press.
  • ​Since it uses caster wheels, this might not be suitable to roll around a grassy surface.
  • ​This only comes in a 1-year warranty package, which is way too short for some people.
  • ​A bit more expensive as compared to other electric pressure washers

​If you want to know how this Powerhouse International - Electric high power - Pressure Washer looks like, here’s an unboxing video for you to watch: ​

​So, what do you think? Is this the electric pressure washer you have been looking for? We hope you find this Powerhouse International Electric Pressure Washer review helpful.

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