Pressure Washer Hose Connector Types (How To Choose)

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​Shopping for pressure washer hose connector types can be a miss or hit, but with the know-how and a recommended unit, you can get the best deal in the market.

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​We receive a lot of questions about the different types of pressure washer connectors, as well as some tips when choosing hose connectors.

​That is why for this article, we will explain the various pressure washer hose connector types. We will also shortlist some helpful information to help you pick the best connectors for your pressure washer hose.

​Why Are Connectors Needed?

​Pressure washer hose connectors are also known as pressure washer hose fitting types. But fittings are actually a type of connector.

​And in this section, we will discuss the reason why they are a must-have in every tool that has a hose connection. 

​A pressure washer hose connectors allow you to connect the high-pressure hose to the pressure washer wand, trigger gun, or even the nozzles. Moreover, you also need a hose fitting at the other end to connect the pressure washer hose to the machine or to the pressure washer’s pump.

​What happens if there are no connectors?

​The answer is pretty obvious, the hose will not be able to connect properly to the pressure washer machine. Although some would attempt to tie the hose or apply some rubber around the edge. But because of the strong pressure, the hose will be forcefully detached.

​So, if you are asking if it is necessary to get the right hose connectors or fittings, then absolutely YES.

​What Are Couplings And Adapters?

​Couplings and adapters are considered to be one and the same. In fact, these belong to the same category under fittings. You see, on some websites, they list these two as fittings. So, basically, you have two specific types of fittings here, namely: couplings and adapters.

​Different Types of Pressure Washer Hose Connectors

​There are basically 2 pressure washer hose connector types.

​1. Quick-Connect Fittings

​The quick-connect pressure washer fittings are the most commonly used type of hose connectors. As the name implies, this type of connector makes use of turning the tube to the left or right to connect and detach the hose.

​One great example is the O-ring hose fitting which prevents the water from leaking. Many of the pressure washer brands and manufacturers lately are using the quick-connect version.

​This works by installing a tube in the hose fittings. Both the tube and the fitting have teeth that help hold the tube in place. It is important that the tube and the pressure washer machine and hose you have are compatible.

​Most connectors come in different sizes. The most popular connector is the M22 connectors, which lets you connect the hose to a machine with up to 4000 PSI.

​2. Swivel Fittings

​The second pressure washer hose connector type is the swivel fittings. This works by allowing the swivel tube to spin minus the twisting of spray wand or gun.

​Why it seems like not a big deal, twisting the spray gun more often can lead to it getting damaged or even broken.

​Aside from knowing the pressure washer hose connector types, you also need to identify which type is suitable for you.

​If you want to know more about swivel hose fittings, watch this video about swivel fittings and why should you buy one.

#​The Best Pressure Washer Hose Connector Review

​Today, the pressure washer hose fittings that give the best value for your money is the M MINGLE Ultimate Pressure Washer Hose Connector Kit.

​This kit has both the quick-connect connectors and the swivel connectors. To be specific, the kit contains two pieces of the following:

  • ​ M22-14 swivel fitting with a female 14mm diameter inside + ⅜ inches plug,
  • ​A 3/8 quick disconnect + M22 male,
  • ​A ¾ female half quick connect, and
  • ​A half plus + ¾ inches male
M MINGLE Ultimate Pressure Washer Hose Connector Kit


​Best Features:

  • ​All couplers, adapters, and fittings in the kit are durable and are checked thoroughly.
  • ​All the connectors inside have high replacement availability.
  • ​Realy tight and holds the fittings securely.
  • Can be used for pressure washer machines with up to 4000 PSI.
  • Very easy to connect and has a reasonable price.

​Go try the best pressure washer hose connector in town now!

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