Air Compressor Pressure Washer Attachment Guide

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​How do you attach an air compressor to a pressure washer? Here are a few quick and simple steps on air compressor pressure washer attachment for dummies.

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​While a pressure washer is strong enough to clean your home, there are times when it is still not strong enough for your standard. This is especially true if you’re cleaning a really big house.

​So, is there a way for you to increase the pressure of your pressure washer even though the strength is already at its max?

​There is actually a way to do that.

​All you have to do is attach your pressure washer to an air compressor. This will increase the air pressure of your machine. If you don’t know how to do this, read our guide on air compressor pressure washer attachment.

​What Is An Air Compressor?

​Before we go to the steps on how to connect an air compressor to a pressure washer, let’s first examine what’s an air compressor. In a nutshell, an air compressor is a machine that will turn power into energy via air pressure.

​With that said, an air compressor that is attached to a pressure washer will use air pressure to help push out more water, giving the pressure washer a nice little power boost.

​Can You Convert Air Compressor To Pressure Washer?

​Let’s say you don’t have a pressure washer, but you have an air compressor at home.

​Is it possible to just convert that air compressor into a pressure washer instead?

​The thing about an air compressor is that while it may have the same or higher pressure than that of a pressure washer, it may not have the necessary speed needed for pressure washing jobs. That said, it is not possible to convert an air compressor to a pressure washer.

​What you can do is attach an air compressor to an existing pressure washer to boost its power. You can buy a pressure washer attachment for air compressor in any hardware store.

​In the steps below, we’ll explain how to create an air compressor with power washer attachment.

How To Use Air Compressor Pressure Washer Attachment (Step By Step)

​1.​ Get The Air Compressor Moving

​The first thing you must do is turn the air compressor on and let the pressure inside build. In order to monitor the pressure, you just need to take a look at the gauge. The gauge will tell you the PSI level. The goal is to reach a PSI level of 30, at the very least.

​2. Connect The Garden Hose

​The next step is to simply connect one end of the garden house to the water source. This could be your garage or lawn faucet. Just make sure the end of the garden hose is tightly attached to the water source.

​3.​ Connect The Pressure Washer Attachment

​Take the other end of the garden hose and attach it to the pressure washer attachment, which is your air pressure. The water line is now connected to your pressure washer hose gun.

​4. Attach It Tightly

​Take the air hose from the air compressor attachment and attach it to the air line connector. Make sure it collects all the way until the end of the air hose. You should hear a sound when it goes all the way in.

​5.​ Test It Out By Turning On The Faucet

​After that, turn on the faucet and test its strength. If it’s stronger than usual, then it means it has worked. If not, then check all the attachments one by one and make sure all parts are tightly connected.

​6.​ Clean Your House

​The last thing that you should do is simply point the gun at where you want to clean and clean away!


​An air compressor pressure washer attachment is extremely useful if you want to add more raw power to your pressure washer. You can also easily buy one in any hardware store near you. And with this guide, you also now know how to properly utilize this attachment so that you can get the power that you want.

​So, if you want some added power to your pressure washer, go ahead and buy a good air compressor attachment and take out this guide. Follow it to the dot and you should have a vastly powerful pressure washer at your disposal.

​We hope you were able to learn something and enjoy your day!

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